[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v2.0.1)

Did you catch a sunshine?

Damage dealing

You know a beaver’s home is old when it has gone through a lot of dam-age.

Ba dum-ts

This makes me sick!

Throws a Pokeball at the creep

And a golf ball

tells creep he missed his spanish lesson

Do you think there will be patch notes today?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sheep

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Hopefully? :sheep:

BaaAaaaAaAaa :sheep:

Beep beep, I’m a sheep…




Meow meow, I’m a cow

Ohhhhh a bilingual cow!

asdf movie

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I completely forgot it was Friday

Honestly, same.

Maybe because my birthday was yesterday

see you regulars in lounge in 100 days

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