[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v2.0.1)

Yay weekend is close

Let’s welcome the evil sheep - Bellwether, our new coliseum crate exclusive hero!


no homework

Happy birthday (a little late)

Did you just casually link the most delayed update ever?

Wait… did you getting your Regular status get delayed or something? Was it due to the recent flags?

It’s ok. Not everyone was able to receive the message.

I don’t see Kim Possible in those Patch Notes…

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find the deeper meaning


Dr Drakken

unfortunately yes

100 days is in… 2400 hours

but if the recent flags were from the same person… yay

Jafar’s update was released late on wednesday, that’s what I meant. I seem notes were late too.

Bellweather is late

hiding from society

I can smell the upcoming regular!

Tis close.

Exactly :eyes:

And more

Wait, who?

Oh I remember that





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