Game gives no Mission Speedups!

Talking about these…

No in-game deals for real money neither any game mode (apart of pity amount of 20 from guild wars per month, and it’s not even guaranteed!) gives these items.

When a hero is released all resources are given to max a hero… apart of memories, and there isn’t a fast way to get them outside of mission speed-ups which are nowhere to be found, it’s very annoying that player needs to wait weeks to get enough memories to max a disk. Same with a good refreshed heroes.

There are occasional seasonal deals now, why don’t give like 1000-2000 of these items in these deals, or make a special deal just for them, about 2000 for $10 should be ok.

@Nugget can we get these consumables in deals?
And with the guild war update give more of these from the crates?

Mission Speedups and Memory Tokens. The latter also never scaled since R8, being Invasion. Despite there being more heroes.

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I actually got Mission speedups in both War and in my weekly rewards this week. So it’s not like the game provides us with no mission speedups. They are scarce yes, but there is probably good reason for that. Disks can be the strongest a hero can offer sometimes, certainly maxed out.

I mentioned this… but 20 is nothing when required to a maxed disk is 800-1000.

… yeah, because they give guaranteed rewards, always, same.
(And it gives again almost non-existent amount)

They were given until 2 years ago, when all deals were changed, for worse.

Welcome to DHBM.
Chore remains. Fun removed.

But as I said, maybe you are not meant to max disk right away?

Anyway, I would be up for an increase, but I doubt it would go over 100

Everything apart of memories?

Explain why then.

As I said, the disk could sometimes be the strongest thing a character could add to their skillset, certainly if maxed.

Characters like Mim (Ma) and Kim (Jo) are so much better with their maxed disk. I think the idea of having a limited amount of mission speedups is to make sure players have to work for these maxed disks. That it is not an easy thing to obtain.

So… game should give less stamina overall because hero ranks gives most of base stats and secondary stats which makes heroes good?

Apparently the game designers find it okay if we max out base stats for heroes.

And there you could also argue that currently they actually are pushing for us to invest in more characters in terms of stamina (looking at the trial events). So that would even assume we’d have less stamina per hero.

I have to agree with Lucas here Musketeer. Maxing out rank and level is like 33% of maxing a hero.

After over a year they start to appear once again!
Thanks @Nugget @Loutre

Hopefully, they will stick around and appear even more frequently! :slight_smile:
In bigger numbers too.

Perhaps it was said too soon.

For $20 it would be nice to have at least enough mission speed-ups to max one disk, which is 700-1000 of them.

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