Game mode ideas

Here some game mode ideas (Places around the main lobby)…

  1. The Claw (winner everytime).

I know suggested a guild influence shop where guilds can spend influence on things for every member of the guild with a purchase (such as epic keys, rare hero chips, rare memories, red skill hero chips, and rare badges). Another idea is for officers and up to spend them on this claw mini game that wins something everytime. You could win anything like mentioned with the shop idea. This way if a guild has bought all the perks and @polaris and rest of pb doesn’t know when next perks will be released, guilds can still spend the influence on something productive as they wait for more instead of allowing it to sit there.

  1. Ham the xp storing pig

This feature will allow those that do finish the leveling level up (not talking about the impossible task of upgrading our good portion of toons in time, just the cap level), to be able to store good portion of their daily level xp until the next update would happen (again on team please every other month of color and level increase at least or two month team bc too much to upgrade and always feel like falling beyond which loses fun aspect in my book). When next level upgrade comes around it automatically deposits from the piggy bank to your progress, thus saving some resources for spenders and ftp alike.

  1. RC racing - allows you to hop on rc toy story car vs friends or others like hiest, and you race three times around a track, up to six players, and you can win gold depending on how u rank. No limit to how many times u can play it , but can cost six friendship stamania to play . This way gives it a use to play with for those stuck on friendship map or no friendships available for use.

I like it!

Great ideas

Like all these :+1:

If the third feature happens its perfcet chance to add mcqueen and mater since cars raceing is regular in the cars movie franchise

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