Game not installing

My game is not installing on my tablet

Maybe delete some photos and apps?

You may not have enough space for the game then. You just may need some more room for it to download


I removed apps including pictures

Kayla is this you or someone else???

At any rate, you device may have a priblem causing it to reserver to much memory space for its RAM…My laptop has that problem. There are supposed to be apps tjat steal back the Ram for you to use so…

I hope it works put for you!!

This is me

Oye! Sup!! :grin:

If this was a question for me? No

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You hadn’t realized that @Kayl_O_lantern changed her name? Her avatar is like her signature

No I knew, I was just curious as to which one.

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This is a dead topic @Kiara_the_Liones (AKA @Kayla_the_brave)

Not much been looking for you in dh

This topic is dead

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