Game players not happy about a disadvantage

So my forum rant is about the thing that upsets me and many other game players that PerBlue does to make people spend money when they offer better deals to other members, i tried adding screen shots of players packs or purchasable items. They are always different and some are cheaper then what others get. This is something that is making people quit. I recently purchased a 8 10x diamond boxes for 19.99 and another member had it for 9.99. I mean if you are going to give people different deals dont give them higher prices. Keep all deals the same price and keep all deals the same for everyone, nobody needs to have better deals then others…all packs should be the same for everyone

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When I first started this game, I felt the same way. However after writing post after post to no avail. I can only tell you, what I have learned.

It depends on what server you are on. As to what price you get. I’m on server 16 I/we don’t get the sweetheart deals the older servers get. All I can tell you is it’s complicated & deal with it! You can type untill your fingers fall off & other players on older servers will justify the price.

I still don’t get it! But I do know it will never be a level price range across the board.

So please accept or reject it’s up to each of us to deside on our own what we are willing to pay to play.

Wish I could say differently.

PS Welcome to the community forum & I gave you your first :heart: like here on the forum you should receive a badge for receiving your first like. And again I say welcome.

Thank you for the heart, i truly appreciate it. I am on a new server and the deals i am seeing are on the same server from my own guild mates. I do not like my items to buy are 19.99 and my guild mate had the same exact one for 9.99 same guild same server