Gantu & Hamsterviel Concept

“I am not gerbil-like, I am hamster-like!”
:star: :star:
Mid-line Damage
Trial Team: Blue
Basic Attack: Fantastic Damage

One is a powerful galactic threat to the galaxy, and the other is Gantu. Both of them rely on each other to deal extreme damage to their opponents! There’s no such thing as too big or too small.


Entrance: Gantu marches in, and Hamsterviel climbs up on his shoulder.

Victory/Rank Up: Gantu holds Hamsterviel up high on his hand, while Hamsterviel laughs maniacally.

Hurt/Given Badges: Falls a back a little, Gantu squinting, and Hamsterviel grinding his teeth.

Defeat: Gantu sits on the floor with his hands on his knees, looking disappointed, while Hamsterviel pulls on his ears, stomping and screaming.

Basic Attack: Gantu fires his blaster, and Hamsterviel throws a phone book.


White Skill: Up to Size

Passive: For every basic attack, Hamsterviel throws a phone book on the ground. The phone books are stacked up in a tower, with a maximum of 20 books.

Active: When the tower has reached at least 10 books, Hamsterviel stands on top of the phone book tower, and laughs, before knocking it over on all enemies, dealing X normal damage per book, and scaring them for 1 second per book.
Scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Snared

Gantu pulls out a net he loads into his gun, and shoots at the weakest enemy, stunning them for 15 seconds.
While stunned, the enemy slowly takes X fantastic damage per second.
The stun will cut short if they get buffed or healed after 5 seconds.

Blue Skill: Hamsterwheel Headbutt

Hamsterviel jumps into a hamsterball that Gantu fires with his blaster at the backmost enemy, dealing X normal damage, and studying all enemies for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Bologna Phony

When “Snared” is activated, Gantu instead pulls out a sandwich, and throws it away, healing the weakest ally for X HP, and boosts their attack power and attack speed for 15 seconds.
Afterwards, he uses “Snared” again as normal.
He cannot use it on himself.
Boost has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

Red Skill: Hamster-Like

“Up to Size” grants Gantu and Hamsterviel an X HP shield, and boosts their attack power and attack speed for 1 second per book.
Scared or studied enemies hit by “Snared” have X armor removed from them.
+X Armor
+X Skill Power
+X Up to Size Damage

Additional Trait

If Gantu and Hamsterviel are defeated when there’s still a phone book tower of 10 or more, the tower will fall on its own, and deal X damage per book.

Friendships and Disks


Friendship Campaign: Remodeled Research
Allies: Dr. Facilier, Basil, Barbossa
Story: Pleakley attempts to convince Gantu and Hamsterviel to help him research more into mosquitoes.

Friendship Disk: Mosquito Handbook
(Gains shield when using Bologna Phony)
+X Bologna Phony Healing
"Bologna Phony gives an X HP shield for 10 seconds. (+2 per star)


Friendship Campaign: Fluffy Rage
Allies: King Louie, Eeyore, Animal
Story: Joy treats Hamsterviel like an actual hamster, while Hamsterviel attempts to make her stop smiling by insulting them and screaming at them.

Friendship Disk: Mini Hamsterball
(Studied enemies are slowed.)
+X Hamsterwheel Headbutt Damage
When an enemy is studied, they are also slowed for 5 seconds. (+2 per star)

(Edit: I was pretty confident with this one, because I’ve been binge watching the Lilo and Stitch series on Disney Plus.)

(Second edit: I revised this a bunch after some feedback on it. Hope it’s a little better.)


Hopefully we can see Gantu one day. Anyways, great concept! 9/10

Tanks should be front-liners

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Hades is a mid-line tank

I said “should”

I have feedback @Bonniecakes

The quote is in a random place and the format seems disorganized.

I know this is usually optional, but where is the trial team?

What kind of damage does this deal? Does it deal damage to all enemies? The scare per book is too weak.

I think this should deal damage because of the level restriction. Otherwise, the skill is too weak. If you add that it deals damage, you need to say what type.

Ok I think that the skillset makes them a damage hero now, and not a tank. The study is too OP.

This is not much of a tank skill, but it is the only thing that makes him somewhat of a tank. Also, Purple skills do not have new animations.

This is a pretty good skill. The Purple and Red skills are the only things that make this concept a tank. I think it is more of a damage hero.

Disks are fine.

I think these should be before the skills and disks, but it is fine this way I guess.

This is a pretty good concept, even if it looks like I teared it apart. I had no intention of being harsh, if I did. Good job. 7/10

Don’t advertise your concept on someone else’s without permission.

Also, that concept is nothing like a Tank. Tanks are meant to absorb lots of damage. Just because you write the word Tank it doesn’t mean it’s logical or works in the slightest.


Fixed it a little bit.

I revised it, and made him Damage like you said.

Awesome! I will take another look.

Also, Judy has an animated Purple Skill. So does King Louie.

That is true, but it is more a revive thing. The concept is much better btw.

By the way, I’m glad you loved my Horned King concept from back then.

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Don’t revive old topics :slightly_smiling_face:.

Does that warrant a comment though?

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