Garfield & Pooky Bear (Garfield Comic Strip 1#, 1978)

Description: This lazy cat can chow down on some delicious lasagna and keep his head in the game at the same time.

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

Position: Back

Role: Support

“Garfield: Love Me, Feed Me, Never Leave Me.”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Garfield will walk in slowly with Pooky Bear in his arms.

Basic Attack: Garfield will accidentally flip a lasagna tray at the closest opponent dealing 1000 basic damage.)

Victory: Garfield will hug Pooky Bear

Defeat: Garfield will fall backwards.


White Skill: Need a Hug? (Garfield will hug Pooky healing him and the lowest HP ally 4030 HP.)

Green Skill: Cocky Demeanor :fist: (Garfield will say a rude comeback at the farthest Opponent stunning them for 7 seconds and dealing 5600 normal damage.)

Blue Skill: 1 Course Meal (Garfield will eat a whole tray of lasagna healing him 13000 HP.)

Purple Skill: Cat of one Trade :fist: (Cocky Demeanor will now damage and stun two opponents. The damage is increased to 15600 normal damage.)

Red Skill: Cat-astrophe (Garfield basic attack will now deal 14040 damage and will stun enemies for 8 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:

1 Course Meal heals Garfield 43000 HP.

Cocky demeanor deals 18000 normal damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Garfield & Pookie Bear and John Bender

“Verbally Annoying”

John and Garfield run into each other which starts a huge verbal fight.

Allies: Carl, Pete, and Hades

Additional Stat Boosts:

+130000 Max HP

Need a Hug heals for 14030 HP

Garfield & Pookie Bear and Mickey Mouse

“Cat Chase Mouse”

Garfield attempts to trap Mickey while Mickey tries to explain himself

Allies: Gadget, Minnie Mouse, and Basil of …

Additional Stat Boosts:

Cocky Demeanor deals 20000 normal damage

+12000 Max HP

A Shield is spawned when Garfield Hugs Pooky Bear

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