Gargoyles fans?

Are there any Gargoyles fans on this forum? Does anyone think PerBlue could add the rest of the clan? Or is Goliath and Demona all we’re going to get? I’m watching the show right now on Disney+ and I thought I would ask these questions to get opinions.

This should go to the #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list category

Okay, I moved it to the right category. Thanks, LetsGetDangerousBro.

OK, now it’s in the right category.

Well, I’ve never watched Gargoyles, but I think it got discontinued.

It’s on Disney+.

By discontinued, I mean that they stopped releasing episodes.

Eh, I got bored of it in the 2nd episode

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I know it was canceled over twenty years ago but it’s on Disney+ now. That’s how I’m able to watch it. CodeMore6, I invite you to watch Gargoyles if you have Disney+. You may just become a fan. But I understand if not everybody here has Disney+.

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