Gator Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Gerald also known as Gator has come to help his friends out. With Gator using his appearance of a alligator frightening the masses and with a grounded personality, nothing can stop them from their path to victory.

Quote: ‘‘Oh i don’t usually get mistaken for a monster’’
Star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Midline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Gator enter the field with a content expression. (Change when Blue Skill is Unlocked.)

Victory: Gator smiles happily.

Defeat: Gator looks confused at the enemies.


Basic Attack: {Passive} Instead of harming the enemy. Gator looks annoyed at the front most enemy, Decreasing their Reality by 20% for 7 seconds.

White Skill: Flashing Lamp:
Gator lamp would malfunction causing itself to turn on, causing the light to flash on the enemies. Dealing X Fantastic Damage to them and Blinding them for 9 seconds.

The Blind has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Green Skill: Frightful Sight:
Instead of entering normally, Gator will appear as dark silhouette at the start of each wave, only for the darkness to disappear and revealing Gator. This will cause all enemies to be Scare and Sap for 8 seconds.

The Sap has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: A Motivated Talk:
When an ally would receive a Debuff, that Debuff would have a 40% Chance to be converted to a random buff that would last for 10 seconds.

Buff included: Armor Increase, Reality Increase, Tenacity Increase and Max HP Increase.

Purple Skill: A Brave Tale:
Gator is immune to Scare and Weakness. Any enemies who attempt to Scare or apply a Stack of Weakness to Gator, would apply 2 Stack of Fatigue and Decrease their Armor by 40% for 8 seconds.

Gator can use this effect once every 6 seconds.

Red Skill: Special Tank:
“Flashing Lamp” deals 60% more damage against Fatigue Enemies.

Every 4 basic attacks, Gator applies to the back most enemy a Sap for 8 seconds and Remove 200 Energy from them.

The amount of energy removed is less effective against enemies above level Y.

• + Z Reality
• + Z Armor
• + Z Bonus Damage to “Flashing Lamp”


[Gator and Percy]
Description: As Percy was patiently waiting in the station, he soon heard Rex in a panic rush toward Percy. He asked him what the problem was as Rex soon explained that he saw a huge figure monster was moving on the track, this of course confused Percy of the idea of a huge crocodile moving along the truck. But after a few seconds later, the dark shape monster soon appear in front of the duo. Rex went to hide behind Percy, but Percy just chuckled and explained to Rex that not a monster, but his good old friend Gator.

Disk Name: An Unusual Shape
Disk Power:
• + X Tenacity to Gator and his Allies
• + X Reality to Gator and his Allies
• + Support role allies gain X Skill Power

• “Flashing Lamp” also grants Gator a Reality Increase by 20%/30%/40%/50%/60% for 6 seconds.

Allies: Rex, Swedish Chef, James


[Gator and Captain Hook]
Description: On the night in a full moon Hook was wandering through the night, trying to find Peter Pan hideout. He soon heard a strange puffing sound like a steam engine, this of course thinks that is an engine work, but as he look in his surroundings. He soon saw a huge dark crocodile figure moving in the dark, this of course frighten Hook to runaway, running towers to his jolly roger ship. As hook ran, the figure soon revealed by the moonlight that was Gator that was confused of the scare pirate running from him.

Disk Name: A Crocodile Figure
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Armor
• + Support role enemies lose X Tenacity
• + Enemy lose X Reality while they are Fatigue
• + Enemy lose X Max HP while they are Fatigue

• “Frightful Sight” now apply to all enemies Shatter for 8/9/10/11/12 seconds.

Allies: Peter Pan, Tiana, Neville

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