G'Day mate | Bruce (hero Concept)


Being one of the greatest apex predators of the ocean, this Great White’s got it in for him as his deadly prowess is as strong as his will to fight alongside his friends… Sort of.
“Why trust a shark right?”
Entrance: Bruce emerges from the water with a cocky grin.
Victory: Bruce smirks as he proceeds to laugh.
Knock Out: Bruce scoffs and growls.

Role: Tank
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red
Damage Type: Normal Damage, Fantastic Damage, True Damage

-Effects: Pierce, Shatter, Scare, Remove Buff, Limit

+Effects: Heal Self, Heal Team, Berserk, Hardy, Cleanse, Shield Self, Reduced Damage Taken

-Stats: Armor Decrease, Reality Decrease

+Stats: Attack Speed Increase, Move Speed Increase, Armor Increase, Reality Increase, Basic Damage Increase, Evasion Increase


:white_circle:: Feeding Frenzy

Passive: Every basic attack, Bruce gets progressively primal, gaining a stack of “Prowess”. Bruce gains x armor and x reality as well as x Evasion per stack of Prowess he has and carries 50% of his stacks of Prowess from wave to wave.

Active: Bruce rages through the battlefield, dealing x Normal Damage and removing all buffs from each enemy. Enemies hit have their Armor and Reality reduced by 90% for 8 seconds. For every stack of Prowess Bruce has, he deals 50% more damage.

After he returns to the battlefield and roars, Bruce gains x Basic Damage and becomes Berserk for 5 seconds per stack of Prowess he has. During this time, Bruce gains 400% Attack Speed and Move Speed.

Bruce is untargetable and immune to Disables while using this Skill.

:green_circle: Shark Teeth

Bruce Cleanses himself and gains 6 stacks of Hardy before he intimidatingly grins at the enemies. Those enemies are dealt x Fantastic Damage, Shattered, and Scared for 10 seconds. When Bruce stops grinning, he heals for x HP and gains a Shield for 25% of his Max HP per enemy hit for 8 seconds.

:large_blue_circle: Hungerous Bite

When Bruce is about to reach 25% of his Max HP, he uses a stack of Prowess and uses it on himself to heal for 80% of his Max HP. Bruce then chomps the frontmost enemies, dealing x Normal Damage, removing all of their active buffs, and Piercing them for 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: Great White Shark

During each basic attack, Bruce now heals for x HP while he applies Pierce and Shatter on enemies he damages for 13 seconds.

Every time Bruce applies Pierce or Shatter on an enemy, he Cleanses himself and gain 3 stacks of Hardy. Additionally, when Bruce uses a stack of Hardy, he heals for x HP and gains 80% Armor and Reality for 6 seconds.

:red_circle: Fish Are Friends Not Food

After using “Hungerous Bite”, Bruce will immediately use “Shark Teeth”.

When an ally falls under 65% of their Max HP, Bruce’s next basic attack will heal that ally for 90% of their Max HP and give them resistance to Disables for 8 seconds.

“Feeding Frenzy” now Limits enemies for 15 seconds and deals 50% of its damage as bonus True Damage. If Bruce gets an enemy below 25% of their max HP, Bruce instantly KO’s them instead, even if they are Berserk or Invincible.

Bruce can only heal an ally once every 5 seconds.

Additional Stats Boosts:
+x Armor
+x Reality
+x Damage to “Feeding Frenzy”


Hank & Dory: Ocean Reef Rescue
When word got around of creeps destroying the cities’ water system, things start to go A-wire when the creeps start dumping nuclear chemicals into the ocean destroying all of the ocean life and ecosystems. Fortunately all of the heroes band together to save the city with Bruce and Dory for example bestowing to lead the ocean campaign to save the ocean with the help of a peeved Hank.

Takes Less Damage for Each High HP Enemy
Disk Memory: Bruce and his allies take 250% less damage per enemy that is over 25% HP.
When an enemy reaches 50% HP or lower, Bruce and his allies heal for x HP.
+x Armor Negation to Bruce and allies
+x Reality Negation to Bruce and allies
Allies: Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, Luca & Alberto, Moana

Rex: High, Mighty, and Friendly
Rex feels that he’s still struggling to be scary and intimidating like he’s originally supposed to be, so he asks Bruce and his gang to see it they have any pointers. Coincidentally enough Bruce and his gang were looking for Rex to ask him for advice on how to befriend the people of the city and the other heroes due to their ravenous status quo.

Weaken Enemies from Pierce and Shatter
Disk Memory: When an enemy has Pierce or Shatter on them, they lose 150% Armor and Reality and cannot gain any buffs. When an enemy loses either Pierce or Shatter, they take 55% of their max HP as True Damage.
+50% Attack Speed to Bruce and allies
+50% Move Speed to Bruce and allies
+x Evasion
Allies: Sulley & Boo, Clawhauser, Ralph

Barry Humphries (17 February 1934 – 22 April 2023)

G’day to ya Aussie ~

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