Gelatin Hero Concept

Gelatin, :star: :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Yellow.
Entrance: Gelatin walks in, carrying forks.
Defeat: Gelatin drops his forks and frowns.
Victory: Gelatin jumps up and down.
Basic Attack: Gelatin will throw a fork, dealing X damage.
Quote: “There isn’t a lot of room here…”

White Skill: Don’t you mean, the “tinkle of contagion?”
Gelatin will laugh at his joke, taunting the enemy for 3 seconds.

Green Skill: Power Forks
Gelatin will throw three forks at once, all of them going different directions, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Tasty Fries.
Gelatin will grab fries and eat one of his fries, healing a random amount.
This is what Fries looks like:

Purple Skill: Sharper Forks
Gelatins basic attack will do x2 more damage to opponents.

Red Skill: Tastiest Fries.
Gelatin’s fries will be able to heal x3 the amount it did originally.

Friendship 1: Gelatin and Goofy.
Goofball Friends.
“Tinkle of Contagion” will now taunt for 6 seconds, giving allies longer chances to fight enemies.

Friendship 2: Gelatin and Baymax.
Just needs a little upgrade.
“Power Forks” will now be able to do x3 the damage it did before.

Have a great day and stay safe! :grin:

the reason why Gelatin’s catchphrase is that way is because it is a running gag in BFB, or Battle for B.F.D.I, BFDI is Battle for Dream Island.

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Oh, gosh you used my ideas! I had forks in mine! And i made one first

ok jeez does it matter lol

Also, Stay Safe!

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