Gente afk en robo

Poner una penalizacion para los que se salgan en robo. No dadle recompensas o penalizar lo sin poder hacer robo al día siguiente

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Could you please write you question in english. Glad to help !

Google Translate can help you.


Hi Writer,
I did this on purpose.

I think we all should ask question in english over here at the forum. I am from Germany and I think it broadens the chance MASSIVELY in getting an answer by posting it in english…

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While the last part of your post may be true, we have the technology to translate these messages for ourselves into a language we’re familiar with. So there doesn’t seem to be that much of a point to tell people to communicate in English.

Plus, PerBlue is selling this game on an international field. Different languages are inevitable and people shouldn’t be expected to change their language of communication on a forum that’s free for them to use. In fact, PerBlue has the resources to hire translators and make communication between the customer and company easier for the benefit of everyone.

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