Gir Hero Concept

Quote: I love tacos!
Support, Midline, :star: :star:, Team Trials: Yellow.
Entrance: Gir walks in place, in his dog costume, and takes hoodie off.
Victory: Gir does a funny dance.
Defeat: Gir falls on the ground and bangs his hands on the ground.
Basic Attack: Gir extends his arm to punch an enemy.

White Skill: That’s Crazy, yo!
Gir will start to give away tacos, healing random amounts every time.

Green Skill: Watching TV
Gir slacks off and watches TV for 3 seconds, but, his speed has increased.

Blue Skill: Screech!
Gir stops the enemies by making a loud screech, and it stops enemies for 5 seconds.
Purple Skill: Spicier Tacos
Tacos now heal more, and Gir’s basic attack does more damage.

Red Skill: Minimoose
Gir grabs Minimoose and uses him to shoot a laser at multiple enemies, dealing high amounts of damage.
The character below is minimoose.

Friendship #1: Gir and Wall-E
Robot Friends
Gir’s basic attack now does x2 more damage.

Friendship #2: Gir and EVE
Robotic Ruckus
Gir’s tacos heal more.

Character: Invader Zim
Have a good day and stay safe :grin:


Hi everyone
Oh no ones here sits on chair I like your character Concept tho

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I don’t think Red Skills give a new animation.

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okeh. i’ll work on it

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I just made a TJ Detweiler hero concept! and btw who remembers the show Recess?

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Me UwU it’s Nostalgia time everyone

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