Giselle Hero Concept

Giselle is ready to help her friends on the battlefield and show that dancing is always a way to win!
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Role: Tank
Stars: :star2:
Trial Team: Yellow
Quote: “You see, I’ve been wandering very far and long tonight, and I’m afraid nobody has been very nice to me.”

Entrance: Giselle twirls onto the battlefield before smiling and waving to the enemies.
Victory: Giselle curtsies and then twirls.
Defeat: Giselle cries into her palms.
Basic Attack: Giselle throws flower petals at the enemies.

White Skill: A Happy Working Song :white_circle:
Giselle sings and scrubs the ground, cleansing herself, charming the 2 front most enemies, and healing her weakest ally for 65% of their max HP, then throws the rag at a random enemy, blinding them for 14.0 seconds and dealing X normal damage.

Green Skill: Dove Transportation :green_circle: :sparkles:
Giselle sings for a dove, then giving it a bouquet of flowers, the dove drops the flowers over the enemies, granting 2 enemies 4 stacks of fatigue while also dealing X fantastic damage.

Blue Skill: Curtain Fashion :large_blue_circle:
When Giselle is below 25% of her max HP, she cuts up fabric and makes a dress, she then throws the scissors and the dress at the 2 enemies with the most HP, the scissors deal X true damage and the dress deals X fantastic damage. Giselle can only activate this skill once per wave.

Purple Skill: Wishing Apple :purple_circle:
Once per wave when an ally is ko’d, Giselle eats a wish apple and wishes her ally to come back to life, which revives the ally, cleanses them and grants them 3 stacks of hardy. Giselle cannot use this skill on herself.

Red Skill: I’ve Been Dreaming :red_circle:
Giselle can now use “Wishing Apple” twice per wave, “Curtain Fashion” now does double the damage it did before, “Wishing Apple” now allows her to use that skill on herself, “A Happy Working Song” now heals allies for 80% of their max HP and cleanses that ally, both items in “Curtain Fashion” now also knock back enemies,
“Dove Transportation” now also curses enemies, “A Happy Working Song” now targets the enemy with the most HP, and Giselle’s basic attacks now also stun enemies for 4.0 seconds.

+678,928 bonus true damage to “Curtain Fashion” scissor.
+868,791 bonus HP at the start of each wave.


Giselle/Snow White

Disk: Anti-Apple Club. :apple: :no_entry_sign:

Every 3 basic attacks Giselle does, she snares the front most enemy and knocks them back.
+14% reality
+54,891 bonus normal damage to Giselle’s basic attacks.

Friendship Chat:
Giselle is strolling around the market
Random Shopowner: Wanna buy an apple?
Snow White overhears
Giselle: On no, I have terrible experience with apples, I was poisoned by one by my soon-to-be stepmother.
Snow White: Oh don’t mind me barging in but the same thing happened to me! I was poisoned by an apple by my stepmother.
Giselle: Why how peculiar…
Snow White: My name is Snow White.
Giselle: What a lovely name! My name is Giselle.

Giselle/Daisy Duck

Disk: Funny Fashion :dark_sunglasses: :dress:

Giselle’s basic attacks now target the enemy with the most HP and remove 2 random debuffs from them every 2 basic attacks.
+786,542 skill power
+3 stacks of hardy at the beginning of each wave
+2 stacks of fatigue apply to a random enemy at the beginning of each wave.

Friendship Chat:
Giselle: Oh how I love your outfit!
Daisy: Why thank you, I love your dress too.
Giselle: Oh thank you, maybe we should make fashion together!
Daisy: Why that’s a splendid idea, nice to meet you.

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