Give me your opinion

I have some character ideas and I want to get everyone’s opinion on this some are ones I mentioned before but still. Bonkers, Tim the tool man Taylor, Indiana Jones, star wars, Donald duck, scrooge McDuck, power rangers, Huck finn, baloo, the page master, ice age, thanos and marry Poppins I do not got power lists for them just wanted to know what everyone thinks of this list

Star wars can not come, power rangers is not disney it was but not anymore,
Ice age is not disney, thanos is disney but like starwars


Ice age is part of fox and fox is part of Disney same as page master I think page master would be cool to have

It’s own by Disney, but doesn’t mean those characters can enter in this territory.
It’s not impossible for them to be added in the game, but if you play long enough, you’ll notice who are the stars of this game and what it offers, crossover between Disney and Pixar characters.
Finally, in the loading screen if you look at the bottom left corner, you going to see “Disney, Disney/pixar” there is no “Fox” attached.

Disney and Pixar interacting with each other made this game unique and it’s enough.


I just think it would be cool

OMG!!! When will people understand that Star Wars and marvel have their own game!!! They will (mostly likely) never come! Why do we have to say this every few weeks!

Not to mention Ice Age is Blue Sky’s property not 20th century fox