“Blathering Blatherskite!”

Gizmoduck is a front-line tank hero

Stars: :star::star::star:


Entrance: Gizmoduck flys down into the battlefield

Victory: Gizmoduck crosses his arms and gives a smile

K.O.: Gizmoduck puts his hand on his head and falls back

Basic Attack: Gizmoduck punches an enemy, dealing X damage

Basic Attack: Gizmoduck punches an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Rocket Boom
:fist: Normal Damage
Gizmoduck shoots 8 rockets out of his shoulders, each rocket dealing X damage to an enemy

Green Skill: Get Pied
:fist: Normal Damage
Gizmoduck throws a pie (from his chestplate) at an enemy, dealing X damage, blinding them for 4 seconds

Blind may fail against enemies above level Z

Like this:

Blue Skill: Mechanical Punch
:fist: Normal Damage
Gizmoduck gets a red punching glove out of his chestplate and punches an enemy with it, dealing X damage, pushing them back to the end of the battlefield, stunning them for 4 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Purple Skill: Smokey Sight
Whenever “Rocket Boom” hits a blinded enemy, they are stunned for 6 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Red Skill: Gizmos of the Suit
Whenever Gizmoduck attacks an enemy, Gizmoduck grants all allies Z skill power

This effect is reduced against allies above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Armor
+X damage to Control role enemies with “Mechanical Punch”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Gizmoduck - Darkwing Duck
Cream Pie
Sweeter Pies
Allies: Merlin, Goofy, the Beast

  • +X Skill Power
  • Whenever Gizmoduck uses “Get Pied”, he grants all allies 70 energy
    +10% Conservation

Gizmoduck - Hiro
Gadget Hero
Stun Lasts Longer
Allies: Gonzo, Ralph, Megara

  • “Smokey Sight” deals X more damage
  • “Smokey Sight” stuns enemies for 2 more seconds (increases by 1.5 for every added star)

Hope you liked it!


Disclaimer: This Gizmoduck is based on the Gizmoduck from the DuckTales reboot series and not the 1990s DuckTales or Darkwing Duck (the series)

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I feel like GizmoDuck fits 2 be a tank. Just saying because of how bulky he is. But hey, its ur concept. So u can keep it like dat. I’m just saying my opinion.

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I thought about it too but I did not see many tank properties

Please don’t invite me .

Sorry what?

Coming tomorrow: Honey Lemon and Fiddleford McGucket

I want to know how people feel about Gizmoduck. Vote from a scale of 1 to 10

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@Drone_IX Genie is also a big, bulky character, but he’s a control.

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Maybe it would be better to use Gaston as an example for Genie does magic and I do not think he does any protecting, considering that he was trapped in a lamp

DroneIX said that Gizmo Duck should be a tank because of his bulky size. I was refuting him in saying that he wouldn’t be the first large character to not be a tank, giving Genie as an example. That’s why I didn’t mention that his skill set doesn’t match that of a tank. It’s because I wasn’t refuting that idea.

I am aware of what @Drone_IX said. I am notified of all comments in my topics


Genie is an exception. He is misty like. Making him kind of like a ghost.

Well done on making this concept for one of my most requested Heroes for Battle Mode.

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Need a duck… Need another duck… Daffy duck?.. No! Wrong wrong… Donald duck! Hmm… No a sentinel duck :thinking: can it be?.. How’d that happen? It could… Nah my votes for buzzie the vulture and Kevin or Nigel and scuttle

  • Kevin
  • Nigel
  • Buzzie the vulture
  • Scuttle

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So I might suggest that the guy under the suit walk on and the suit come to him for the fight to start… maybe even a speach bubble where he yells “blathering blatherskite”

Alternate costume could be that cowboy version which was in the original duck tales too

The abilities feel too controlled. In the show he always bungled everything even as gizmo duck, but won due to happenstance. Could his abilities be more of that nature?

I am not saying what you did is not good, I am just putting my remembrance of the character forward.

In my mind he would have said rockets but they all miss hit the ground and the other team is stunned.

instead of having a pie he throws, it would be more like the pie hits him and he runs through the other team doing a knock-back and a slow. From the cream of the pie of course.

For his blue skill say he activates auto pilot, then Fenton hops out of the suit jumps to the back of the team for a period of time, the suit has a health bar but it does not effect Fenton whose health is the original health of the hero. The suit then goes a bit kamikasi and attacks with increased speed and damage but has a lot less health when say 5 seconds are up, or say the suit dies it rushes back to fenton and he fights again as gizmo duck.

purple skill will increase the damage and speed of the suit while Fneton is not in it, or increase its health and time or increase its dodge…

Hum i think that blue skill should be hit number one skill and make the white skill of the rocket hitting the ground be blue, but instead of stun it does a slow.

Alright I can tell you have not read my disclaimer, which was:

Also I disagree with Fenton being different from Gizmoduck. I know they are separate but look. Fenton controls the robot, but he isn’t very well at it. Having to separate HP’s is just a no-no. I am not changing my concept. Why don’t you do one on your own? Also words can’t be seen, everyone knows that. The reason Ralph has a speech bubble is that he is a 1980s video game character. See?

I’m sorry when I read it I somehow prossessed it backwards that you were doing the original not the new series

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