Glitch busters (I will post glitches on game here)

First things first a few weeks ago there was a hero chip crate and usually you can’t get sign in chips but look

here he is in the background and in the description of the crate

Next glitch is fine but I just want to report it (wrong text in missions)

so my question is what is “chez,”?
Is this supposed to be like this? I’m sure there are some other spelling typos

Why does it message your self when you remove/add friends?

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Thanks for taking your time doing this!
Regarding the second item, I think Chez means chef in French. There are a lot of restaurants that called Chez someone.

‘Chez’ does not mean Chef in French - there’s not an exact English translation for it, really.

It’s used preceding someone or something to denote that it’s theirs, or where they are. So - ‘Chez Remy’ - Remy’s place. ‘chez moi’ - my place.

eg. ‘on jouera disney heroes chez toi’ - we’ll play disney heroes at yours.

You are right! My mistake!