Glitches compensation

I believe that since we had a heist glitch, AND we were all unable to get on the game yesterday that we all deserve some free things. And I’m pretty sure another fortify contest wasn’t supposed to be due until next week since last contest, just ended, required us to spend diamonds. I think it’s only fair we get diamonds, stamina, diamond crates and cosmetic crates as our compensation reward for both of the glitches in the past two days :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! We rewarded everyone the Heist points and the game was down for only an hour yesterday so there will not be any compensation.


Yes I understand you rewarded everyone for the heist glitch but there was no difference to all those who scored over 10 mil points

Um no, I would say there should be some way of “compensation” to every downtime, maybe based on time.

Say, if there is an update and the game is down for an hour, every player receives 1000 stamina and 200 diamonds.
And if the downtime is <15 mins, players receive nothing. 15-30 mins they receive half of the aforementioned, so 500 stam and 100 dia.
So if it was a long outage, you could immediately tell what the compensation would be and what to expect.

That’s at least how I envision it for the future.


Yes that would be so much easier

Oh i remember the times where we occasionally waited 2 - 3 hours :rofl:

The heist glitch was down for a whole day, and people who did nothing got a load of points?? Yet it made no difference at all @Loutre

Sorcerer’s arena gives compensation for any down time no matter how long , least that I’ve seen, just saying.

Exactly and if they want people to keep playing the game instead of being let down by glitches then they’ve got to give compensation

They’re not thinking about the players at all and many people in my server believe we should receive compensation, they think it was ridiculous as well

UHHHHHHH I mean… they nerfed the easiest F2P PvP combos so. They aren´t really that good.

You know what else would be easy? Let’s just say there’s no compensation for downtime. There, easy peasy. :slight_smile:

Sheesh. I do not envy you for being entitled enough to want compensation for everything. You program a game and try to make money off it and deal with people demanding for compensation everytime something goes wrong then come back here, I’ll wait.

Off topic though. :man_shrugging:


To be fair, I doubt Perblue is struggling making money off of this game. Have you seen the offers on server 22? :joy:

A lot of players have invested a lot of time and money into this game, so they have every right to complain and ask for compensation. If there are times when we can’t play or that something is completely broken, there should be a form of compensation that is comparable to the issue. They should have given at least few free heist tickets to replace the ones wasted when heist was broken since there was a cap on points :woman_shrugging:t2:


FTN is on schedule. It’s every three weeks. Solo, Guild, FtN. We just had the guild contest. You’re probably thinking about how the guild also had diamonds as a huge source of points.

Heist points were bugged for two days, but it was clear from the start that it wasn’t giving points to the APAC region. Heist was capped (like arena and invasion), so your guild probably wasn’t going to earn more points than any other active guild. So the only thing you could possibly ask for is heist tickets.

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