Go-Go Gadget! (Unlikely Concept 7/10

Inspector Gadget, :star: :star:, Support, Midline.
Team Trials: Blue.
Quote: Wowsers!
Bio: This gadget detective can stop M.A.D, but he can also take a break sometimes and battle someone different.
Entrance: Inspector Gadget flies in from above. (May change when disk 1 is unlocked.)
Defeat: Inspector Gadget’s hat reveals an arm and then the arm breaks.
Basic Attack: Inspector Gadget will extend his arm to punch an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Go-Go Gadget Hammer.
Inspector Gadget will use a hammer to hit an enemy on the head, dealing X damage and stunning for Y seconds.

Green Skill: Go-Go Gadget Magnifying Glass.
Inspector Gadget will study an enemy for Y seconds.

Blue Skill: Go-Go Gadget Protection Armor.
Inspector Gadget will give himself a shield that lasts for Y seconds long.

Purple Skill: Gadget Upgrade.
Inspector Gadget’s hammer will be able to stun for Y more seconds and deal 50% more damage.

Red Skill: Study’s Show That…
Whenever Inspector Gadget studies an enemy, he will gain a shield that lasts for 3 seconds.

Friendship 1: Inspector G. and Gizmoduck.
Campaign Story: Robot Riot. “Inspector G. and Gizmoduck are on patrol and spot a lot of creeps, that means another fight!”
Disk: Gadget Gadgets.
Whenever Inspector Gadget flies in for his entrance, he will run into an enemy and deal X damage, and then swoop back into position.

Friendship 2: Inspector G. and Hiro.
Campaign Story: Let’s Upgrade! “Hiro is upgrading Baymax, and Inspector Gadget wants to help, but he accidentally alerts the creeps, waking them all.”
Disk: Steel Hammer.
Go-Go Gadget Hammer will deal 75% more damage.

If you enjoyed this somehow, that’s good.:slightly_smiling_face:

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