Going Alien! | Addison Wells (Hero Concept)

Addison Wells
Half Alien Half Awesome Human, Addison uses her galactic skills of power and the style of competition to beat the enemies one by one her way.
“Conflict isn’t always bad. Being challenged sometimes pushes us.”

Entrance: Addison walks onto the battlefield as she shoos her hair off to the side.
Victory: Addison happily creates a memorizing ring of sparks.
Knock Out: Addison accidentally shocks herself a little.

Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Damage Type: Normal Damage, True Damage

-Effects: Stun, Energy Removal

+Effects: Energy Self, Energy Team, Shield Self, Invisible, Reflect, Reduced Damage Taken, Heal Self

-Stats: Attack Speed Decrease, Move Speed Decrease, Basic Damage Decrease, Skill Power Decrease

+Stats: Attack Speed Increase, Basic Damage Increase, Skill Power Increase, Evasion Increase, Max HP Increase


Lumina Electrokinesis

Addison channels her electrical energy and electrocutes all the enemies, dealing x True damage to them and removing 300 energy from the 3 enemies having the most skill power. Upon using this skill, Addison gains Reflect for 10 seconds and her next 4 attacks will Stun enemies for 5 seconds.

Swift Invisibility

Addison goes Invisible when she reaches 100 energy, she’ll stop going Invisible when she reaches 1000 energy. While Invisible, Addison is immune to Disables, takes 100% less damage, and gains 150% Attack Speed.

Shield Creation

Addison creates a shield with x HP on herself before head butting the closest enemies dealing x Normal damage and Stunning them for 6 seconds. When the Stun ends, enemies have their attack and movement speed reduced by 80% for 7 seconds. When the shield expires, Addison gains Reflect for 6 seconds and gains 80% Evasion for the rest of the wave.

Cheerful Cheerleader

Addison is immune to Charm and Stun.

Every 2 basic attacks, Addison cheers on herself and allies granting everyone 350 energy and a 60% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds. When Addison Stuns an enemy with any of her Skills, she deals an additional x True damage and gains x basic damage and x skill power. Addison keeps 50% of these buffs from wave to wave.

Alien Ally

Every time Addison gains Reflect or Invisibility, her basic damage and skill power increase by 25% and her evasion by x until the end of the wave. Addison keeps 50% of these buffs from wave to wave and shares 40% of her basic damage and skill power with allies.

Addison reduces the remaining cooldown of her and all allies’ green and blue skills by 3 seconds every time she does 2 basic attacks.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+x Damage from “Lumina Electrokinesis”
+x Max HP
+x Skill Power


Kim Possible: Cheer Practice
Kim has volunteered for the local school’s football game this week and she’ll need to do some practice due to her hero duties. Eventually she asks Addison to help her out seeing how she’s the relied leader for her cheer-leading squad.

Heal and gain Energy from Attacks
Disk Memory: Addison heals for 75% of her Max HP when dealing a basic attack and grants her and allies 500 energy when using “Lumina Electrokinesis”.
+x Max HP
+x Skill Power to Addison and allies
Allies: Ian Lightfoot, Fred, Gonzo

Buzz Lightyear: Above and Beyond
Buzz has found an interesting interest in Addison as he found out that she’s an alien. Curious, Buzz asks Addison some questions and some trivia about what it’s like to be an alien, regardless of him having interactions with other aliens. Unfortunately, Emperor Zurg has found Addison as a perfect candidate for his right hand in conquering the city and the galaxy.

Deal More Damage to Enemies
Disk Memory: Addison deals 250% more damage to enemies having a Disable.
Enemies lose x Basic Damage for 9 seconds after a Disable ends.
Enemies lose x Skill Power for 9 seconds after a Disable ends.
+x Basic Damage to Addison and allies
Allies: Pleakley, Flik, Rex

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