Gold reductions

This is beyond a joke costs 3 mil on s1 to hire merc meaning each district we get 6 mil so we only gain 3 mil a district. That’s a huge nerf on before and is unacceptable!!! You are killing the older servers off is this your intention? You need to sort this out as this new low level of gold will leave most players unable to get heroes to y7 with skills and enhance l!!!

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Killed over 700mil in power got that under 200 mil is a joke!!!


They will ignore us. As always. It is sad, but true


just for clarification, you’re actually getting around double that amount of gold shown :man_shrugging:


I don’t know about others but for me, the gold I earn during surge is just enough to cover Merc hiring cost :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: (not every fight ends in a win) so yes, the bonus gold is the only amount I earn :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Who says they ALWAYS ignore us?

They may ignore us sometimes still, but I think PB is getting better with listening to the community a lot more since Loutre joined the team. Like they did decrease the wish crate price, although they decreased the rewards too, but it’s a little more worth it now

Yes and no. It’s really hard to grasp this conclusion.


I know it’s off topic but are simba and nala worth upgrading, Numi? I was thinking about giving the purple mods to Jim that I have on simba atm :thinking:

i mean, to avoid being off topic, create a new topic!

They reply when it is convenient for them :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

When making such controversy changes which affects players, they need to give us the reasons why they did it, how badly it would affect the game play, game environment in the long run. And it needs to make sense

And what they did? They said they did what they did because people had too much gold. I asked them why that was a bad thing? And how much gold should a player had that was acceptable? And they went silent. Completely :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

What they did is exactly the same when they increased cost in 1.17 regardless of what players said or wanted. And you know what followed? A huge number of gold deals :joy::joy::joy: is that a coincidence? Twice???

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Well, you could have pinged me on Discord. No, they are not worth upgrading.
But I also regret giving Jim the Purple mods.

In regards to resources in general including gold we could see a little bit new approach in terms of recourse distribution given that Polaris is now the main person for Disney Heroes likely as they are the Product Owner and Producer for Disney Heroes.

While their hiring situation likely have to stabilize first, but as Polaris have been the Community Manager and more so been involved with us players, and yes while it is hard to say we could see resources being more so distributed than they are now.
In general though, while I am not sure if this decision can be by Polaris or higher ups, but in general it is up to PerBlue if they want to have a game economy where players more so spend out of frustrations rather than spending out of true enjoyment.

Will be interesting to see how the gold economy change goes and how it effect the gold economy to make it a more frustrating economy rather than an enjoyable gold economy.

No i didn’t get around double that gold before multiplier I was on 140 mil odd after thats exactly what I was given under 200 mil gold I was getting 400 to 600 its over 50 percent reduction which is totally unfair on S1

This is very true statement. But to be fair, if they eliminated the “frustration” (I rather call it somewhat of a desperacy though) they would get less money.

Basically because those that spend due to that sole reason would no longer spend. And the whales would spend just the same.

However I´d be in if the team decided to give players two “vouchers” to players for free. I´d call it fair, relatively speaking.
Free to play players would get only the 2 free “deals”. Small payers would probably buy 2 more deals, which would put them at a total of 4 (and the ratio of 4:2 compared to 2:0 is of course better). Big payers would buy an undisclosed amount of deals (however (X+2):2 is always better than X:0).

That´s honestly my opinion. The 2 free “vouchers” would be of the 4.99 value in my idea, so you could only take two of such deals for free - you can choose stamina, gold, whatever you need, but just 2.

I used to be active in surge and hire lots of mercs to help guild members build some guild coins. But after a day of losing almost 20 surge battles (about 60 million gold), i spent less time and lost interest in surge.

These needs to be more balance in gold earned in surge, merc costs, and skill costs. Reducing skill costs, merc costs, or making surge easier could be a start

Glad you agree on the statement overall :-). Not necessarily, like as in if they make a more enjoyable economy based on the fact that they get the other money from story content.
I have said it before and I can say it again, I am up for playing 60 Dollars for getting back the Story Mission content, like paying for general AAA console games. While I do think 60 Dollars is semi high if not new content, but yeah the minimum for 20 Dollars I don’t mind at all.

It is possible to monetize bonus story content, but if PerBlue were to do that I would think they need at least 1 or 2 more story writers hiring wise in order to have enough capacity to make so much story content that the monetization of story content are to be a reality with regularly new story content for monetization.

I don’t think people who aren’t Whales would 100% stop spending just because they aren’t frustrated, if anything they spend more in the long run due to getting frustrated enough to quit the game.
It could maybe also be possible for PerBlue to add in a donation option, like just a thanks to PerBlue with no VIP or Diamonds included, just giving because you want to say thanks :-).
Probably not that likely to happen, but it is an idea.

There is also the idea of the Money Bomb from MMOs where the buyer can buy a Money Bomb, but can’t pick up anything from the Money Bomb themselves and instead everyone around them can pick up the things from the Money Bomb. This can create a chain effect that other people start buying Money Bombs as well, which basically results in a party like atmosphere in the end.
The closest we have to this would be the Guild Gifts, but given how the Guild Gifts in general doesn’t seem that good value wise often I think that hold it back.

As for your vouchers idea I would be up for it and I overall think it is an pretty good idea :-).
Would likely help the F2P and the lower spenders some in terms of not feeling to far behind or at least the fact that they get some goodwill/generosity from PerBlue may make them more so enjoy the game a bit more compared to otherwise.

So yeah, things to think about in terms of possibilities I assume :-).

I’ve noticed a substantial decrease in my guild’s surge activity over the past week, as well. If PerBlue was planning on a side effect of people spending less time in the game, they succeeded quite well.

It’s definitely time to revisit merc costs, with the drastic decrease in gold at the top levels. And some sort of change to make surge less of a monotonous grind has long been overdue; it’s tiring seeing the same meta heroes in every other district. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a simple rule to prevent heroes from appearing in more than one team per region (except for allowing two to appear in the weakest region, 21-27) would go a long way towards making surge less boring, easier to advance in, and more useful in testing out various heroes and counters.


YES! YES! @Loutre please share that with the team.

I just want to see every character in Surge once, that´s how it should be!
(And with 150 heroes (more than 27x5) also possible.

technically possible, yeah, but also trying to code something that will scour arena teams to find the perfect combination of only unique heroes in appropriately powered lines - probably nigh on impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

More variation would be great, though.

A lot of changes in the past have had a similar effect - sadly they’ve always preferred people to feel like they should pay to skip the grind, rather than actually, well, grind

You can always just do the programming in the way that it will scope similar teams, but will swap one character if it was already used. Or 2. :man_shrugging: Just saying.

As in:
Was used in previous Surge districts?
No - apply
Yes - scope for others… (or, if there is very limited selection, just randomise the rest)

Actually now that I think about it, I´d like to see randomised lines in Surge, if it is technically possible.

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