Goofy/Jim Hawkins Refresh Concepts

◦	Goofy sucks. Lol that’s all I have to say.

◦	White Skill: 

◦ Bust a Move:
◦ Goofy busts a move and a disco ball descends above the battlefield, blinding enemies and increasing allies’ attack speed.

◦	Added Buffs: 
◦	Allies' attack speed increased by x1.75
◦	Blinds enemies for 6 seconds.

◦	Green Skill:

◦ Two Left Feet:
◦ Goofy dodges the next attack and counters with a dance move, dealing damage. Goofy can counter an attack once every few seconds.

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Goofy can counter an attack once every 5 seconds.
◦	Dance Move deals 3978 Damage 

◦	Blue Skill:

◦ How To Goof:
◦ Goofy dances, granting himself a shield that buffs his tenacity, armor, and reality.

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Shield heals all allies 10390 HP 
◦	Shield lasts five seconds
◦	Buffs tenacity by 7 
◦	Grants Goofy 2700 Armor
◦	Grants Goofy 1000 Reality

◦	Purple Skill: 

◦ In The Groove:
Every time Goofy counters with Two Left Feet he gains a stack of “Groovy.” Whenever Goofy uses Bust a Move he heals himself for each stack of “Groovy.”

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Each stack of Groovy heals Goofy 8000 HP.
◦	If not on Auto, The player can pick whether he wants to save up his "Groovy" or use it now.

◦	Red Skill: (P.S. I do not do buffs for Red Skills.) 

◦	(Picture Not Found)
◦	Aw, Shucks!: …

◦	Friendship Campaigns:

◦	Goofy and Mickey Mouse
◦	"The Perfect Sandwich"
◦	How to Goof" gives allies a shield with 330k HP
◦	Allies shielded by "How to Goof" resist disables; Instead of being disabled, allies are healed for 3% (per star) of Goofy's max HP

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Gives Allies a shield of 430k HP.
◦	Allies shielded by How To Good are healed 11% per star

◦	Goofy and Jessie
◦	"Yip, Yell, and Yodel"

◦	+250k Max HP
◦	+100k Basic Damage
◦	Blinded enemies take more damage while blinded

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	+300k Max HP
◦	+150k Basic Damage

◦	Jim Hawkins Refresh

◦	Weak Definition: adjective
◦	1. lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy. You get the point.

◦	White Skill: 

◦ Helpful Morph: (The player chooses an ally for Morph to fly to, removing all of their debuffs and causing them to deal more damage with their basic attacks and skills. Jim also inspires allies, granting himself and allies basic damage. While the battle is on auto, Morph flies to the frontmost ally.)

◦	Added Buffs: 
◦	Grants Allies Fantastic Damage.

◦	If the battle isn’t on Auto, The player can pick two people for morph to heal and inspire.

◦	Green Skill:

◦ Solar Surfer: (Jim enters each wave on his solar surfer, granting himself and allies energy and making himself and allies Energized. Energized allies receive extra energy each time they perform a basic attack.)

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	This attack also grants (80% Chance) 
◦	Basic Damage or (20% Chance) Fantastic Damage.

◦	Attack also heals Jim X HP.

◦	Blue Skill: 

◦ Stick To It: (Jim steels his resolve, granting himself and the ally with Morph a shield. If Jim has Morph, he receives both shields.)

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Shield lasts 9 seconds.

◦	Purple Skill:

◦ Pie Smash: (Morph blocks an attack that would have damaged the hero he is attached to. Morph then turns into a pie and smashes himself into the attacker, dealing damage and blinding them. Morph can perform this counter once every few seconds.)

◦	Added Buffs:
◦	Waiting time shortened by 3 seconds.

◦	Blinds enemies for 6 seconds.

◦	Red Skill:

Energizing Connection: (Morph also makes the ally he is attached to Energized. Allies Energized by Jim receive extra energy each time they perform a basic attack. Once per wave, when an ally or Jim reaches 1 HP, Morph intervenes by flying to the ally, preventing the damage, and healing them for a percent of their Max HP.
Additional boosts to Basic Damage, Max HP, and Damage done during “Hopping Mad”)
◦ (P.S., I don’t add buffs to red skills since all they do is add buffs.)

◦	Friendship Campaigns:

◦	Jim Hawkins and Pleakley
◦	"Buried Treasure"

◦	+ Skill Power
◦	Damage heroes on team gain  Skill Power
◦	Back and mid Damage Role heroes with Energized gain  more energy when they basic attack

◦	Added Buff:

◦	All Damage Role heroes with Energized gain energy.

◦	Jim Hawkins and Ian Lightfoot
◦	"Riddle Me This"

Added Buff:

Jim’s not only still good, he’s still really, really good. What’re you talking about?

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