Gopher Character Concept

Quote: “Ssssssssomebody Call For an Expectation Expert? Well I’m Not I the Book, But I’m At Your Sssssssssservicce.”
Entrance: Gopher Digs His Way into the Battlefield.
Victory: Gopher Puts His Shovel Up and Leans Against the Shovel.
Defeat: Gopher Falls Back in His Gopher Hole.
White: Gopher Whistle Gopher Whistles with His Teeth at All Enemies.
Green: Digging Power Gopher Digs and Throws Dirt at His Enemies.
Blue: By Dingy! Gopher Enjoys His Summer Squash for His Midnight Snack, Then, Throws it at Enemies.
Purple: I’m Not in the Book Gopher Says That He is “NOT in the Book” for 20 Seconds.
Red: Shovel Dash
Friendships: Gopher and Jessie: The Yodeling Hat. Jessie Teaches Gopher How to by a Cowboy.
Gopher and Duke Caboom: Stunt Dig Gopher Helps Duke Get Ready for the Big Stunt Show Tonight.

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