Gothel in Two Crates?

Coliseum crate is up today and has Gothel as the featured, but she’s also still in the guild crate, is this correct? I checked the September rotation and there is no mention of the coliseum crate. Seems odd to be in both places.

Hmm yeah probably the first time that this happend.

But on the other hand not really a surprise since the amount of heroes that are released are now less.

And this way is good: there is not a hero locked in such a crate, but those with a lot of tokens could choose to get extra of her chips (and other resources) from the crate.

So great decision from PB.


Or we could just can token crates all together they serve little purpose now

They never served any purpose. Besides giving an occasional double drop bag.

And uuuuuuuuh… even those dropped in “value”

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