Gotta Go Fast! (Sonic Unlikely Concept)


Sonic uses his super speed to trick the Creeps and speed up the fight.

“Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game.“


Role: Control
Position: Frontline
Team Trials: Yellow


Basic Attack: Sonic punches the enemy, dealing X damage.

Entrance: Sonic runs into his position.
Victory: Sonic makes a thumbs up at his allies.
Defeat: Sonic looks at the enemy team, crosses his arms and taps his foot.


White Skill: Super Sonic
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

Passive: Sonic will gain 1 stack of “Speed” for every 3 basic attacks, which boosts his speed by 10% for each stack he has.

(Note: Max stacks of “Speed” Sonic can have is 10.)

Active: Sonic will hold up the Chaos Emeralds, then he will turn into Super Sonic. When in Super Sonic form, Sonic’s skillset will change and he will deal 45 damage. In Super Sonic form, Sonic will fly above the ground.

Here’s what Sonic in his Super Sonic form looks like:

Green Skill: You’re Too Slow!
Normal Damage :fist:

Sonic: Sonic will run through the opposing team, dealing X damage and knockback to the 3 closest enemies.
Super Sonic: Super Sonic will zoom across the battlefield, dealing X damage and burning the enemies hit, dealing X damage over time for 8 seconds.

For Sonic:


For Super Sonic:


Blue Skill: Sonic Style
Normal Damage :fist:

Sonic: Sonic will Spin Dash into the Most Wanted enemy and the 2 enemies with the lowest HP, dealing X damage and stunning them for 9 seconds.

Super Sonic: Super Sonic will release his Chaos Emeralds from his body, turning him back into regular Sonic, and the Chaos Emeralds will fly at the 3 enemies with the lowest HP, dealing X damage and silencing them for 8 seconds.

This move can only be used once per wave.



Super Sonic: see end of Super Sonic’s GIF for “You’re Too Slow!”

Purple Skill: Speed Machine

Every time Sonic does “You’re Too Slow!”, he will be immune to debuffs for 8 seconds.

Red Skill: The Emerald’s Power

“Sonic Style” in Super Sonic’s form will hit the 4 enemies with the lowest HP.

While Sonic is in his regular form, he will hit the 3 enemies with lowest HP (he will still attack the Most Wanted enemy.)

Additional Boosts:

  • +X% more Armor
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X Basic Damage



Campaign: Need for Speed
Campaign Story: Dash and Sonic have a foot race all around The City, but Creeps disturb the race!
Disk: Improved Speed Shoes

The max amount of “Speed” Sonic can have is now 12.

  • +X more HP
  • “Super Sonic” will deal 75% more damage.

Allies: Clawhauser, Jim Hawkins, Lock Shock and Barrel.


Campaign: You Won’t Regenerate
Campaign Story: Sonic and Ralph enter The City and find out that Creeps have taken the Candy Citizens from Sugar Rush, so Sonic and Ralph need to save them!
Disk: Arcade Cabinet

Basic attack deals 50% more damage. (When stars are added, damage dealt will go up by 10%.)

  • +X Armor
  • +X Reality for Sonic and his allies

Allies: Fear, Ian Lightfoot, Shank.


I really like how the concept turned out!


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Isn’t it ironic how for a character like Sonic, the variable X is given. As in like, Sonic X. Anyways, yeah, this concept is awesome. I wish Disney had more speedsters honestly

There is a severe lack rn, lol

:notes:Gotta go fast!:musical_note:

Anyways, thank you!

He like a Blue Team

I used to have a Tails concept, and he was on Yellow. So I chose Yellow for Sonic.

@EnderAlex exactly why do you think is rushed? put quotes of the concept and the feedback why do you think is rushed
This is a good concept.

Well, it IS a concept for Sonic the hedgehog, after all. /sarcasm

Why am I now getting that lol

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No he didn’t, are you doing this out of jealousy/anger?


I mean he did say he didn’t rush a concept (which was his lightning mcqueen concept) and everyone told him he rushed it. He’s probably just mad that this concept is good.

Poll will close in 3 hours!



And this is coming from who exactly?

Anyways, neat concept!


Thanks! (10 characters)

Your saying me taking 4 days to make one concept is rushing??

It’s not rushing

Then its not rushed.

You thought, read before saying this

I am new to this forum website

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