Gravity Falls For Disney battle mode -Dipper

@Polaris, I have an idea from the show disney XD gravity falls and I’ll start you off
His quote “I’m dipper, and the girl about to puke is my sister mabel.”

White “JOURNAL SUMMON” he summons bill, and bill stuns the enemy, which gives them damage over time. And green “ZOMBIE” he gets a zombie to come get the enemies, eating them, giving 379 damage. Blue is “GRAVITY” he gets objects, and the journal makes the objects hit enemies, damaging them for 245. And purple “POWER” anytime he summons bill, bill also grants allies Health. And that wraps up gravity falls Characters. Show me a screenshot who I should do next!


do this next please

Ok it looks funny but I’ll do mabel

And how do you have these screenshots?

Ok I made mabel, I might either do Stan or Soos.

Show me a screenshot of Soos I should do or Stan.

Dipper dipper Dipper rules woo hoo

Maybe instead of summoning bill, he could be his own character.

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Spaghetti, I would do that, but ehh, I wouldn’t know what his skills would be, but guys, should I do Gideon, Stan, or bill next? Tell me in comments below!, we need 5 ppl to vote in total so choose wisely.


I mean, come on. Of all characters dhe seems to be the most chill and not stupid. Also, she could be great friends with Shank. I have only seen the first 6 episodes…

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Hmmm, YEP doing her now! Stan or bill or Gideon

Make star butterfly and Marco Diaz