Gravity falls for Disney Heroes Battle mode - Mabel part 2


Ok Polaris, now here is mabel, quote “I know that hurts because I done it to myself before!” White is grappling hook” she grapples her grappling hook and hits it at her enemies, causing them to get hit. And from part 1 dippers basic attack is he hits his journal at his enemies. And green for mabel “Spray” she sprays a can at her enemies, it hurts her enemies’ eyes, causing them to get blinded and damage over time. And her basic attack is she grapples her hook at enemies, kicking them while she grapples. Blue is “HAPPIENESS” she lights her sweater, giving them 350 energy. And purple is “MAKEUP” she makeups a ally, giving them 450 HP. @Polaris, i hope you can add disney XD characters instead of Disney. And make a screenshot who I should do next!