Gravity falls for Polaris’s Disney game - Soos part 3


Ok, I will start with Soos, And Dipper’s entrance is he looks at his journal and puts it away for battle (part 1) and dippers defeat is he drops his journal and has a sad face Mabel’s defeat she accidentally grapples at herself, knocking her teeth out. And Dippers victory is he cheers happily Mabel’s victory she sprays a spray can saying “I LOVE WINNING” and Soos victory is He smiles and flips his cap, and puts it back on. His defeat, he asks a question, but becomes sad that he has no more and becomes depressed. And his white “DOOR OR FOUR” he asks a enemy a question, and the enemy answers it and then Soos charms one of the enemys, and the enemy makes 100 bonus damage while charmed. And his basic attack he hits his foe with his cap, giving them 45 damage. And green “CAP THROW” he throws his cap at a enemy, and it lands at his enemy, blinding them and a second later, Soos takes it off them, and the foe is stunned when it has the cap on them also. Blue is “QUESTION HEAL” he asks his allies if they want to be healed, he will mostly heal a ally who is half damaged but will heal a ally that is almost about to die. Purple is “?” Anytime he heals a ally, he grants himself 102 basic skill power. Tell me who to do next cause we need Stan or Someone else.


Dude, you should really create a single topic for your concepts😂