Great Stuff from Portal Quest that would be cool in DHBM

So, I just browsed on Portal Quest Forums and found out that there was a pretty neat update that I would like in Disney Heroes.
Thus I decided why not make a topic about it. This is the first one (will upload more good stuff as I browse the PQ forums):


We have some exciting news that we hope will improve Portal Quest’s quality of life. There have been numerous requests for additional Skill Point consumables, but the outdated Skill Point feature needed some work. We’ve also made some changes to the Epic Forge. Here’s what we’ve done:

New Skill Point Caps

VIP 0: 100 Skill Point cap (previously 10)
VIP 5: 200 Skill Point cap (previously 20)
VIP 13: 1,000 Skill Point cap (previously 30)
VIP 18: 2,000 skillpoint cap (previously 40)

You can have a maximum of 2,000 Skill Points on-hand.

New Skill Point Regeneration Rate
These will now regenerate at 1 point per minute, whereas the old system allowed you to gain a point every five minutes.

This will be really great sorted in DHBM @Loutre , the Skill Points are equally terrible here as they are in PQ (now changed a day after DHBM is getting an update).

Also, I hope it is OK to bring some good stuff from PQ Discourse and post it in this topic.


Agree!!! They should also improve wish crates probability of getting the grand prize, and of course the size of ariel and gadget.

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I passed the feedback to the team!


Thanks. Or something near that. Considering the VIP perks were made when the level cap was like 60 and there were like 25 characters at best.

Now having 270 cap and 160 characters makes the raise in Skill Point cap and regen adequate here as well as in PQ.

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