Great update but…

I never expected to spend 8 billion gold! Is there an update planned to get more gold? I’m not even spending it on skills, just on ranks :frowning:


The staff and others are asking for the purchase of packs, so it’s basically a game that costs money.
Instead of playing this boring game, let’s play another game.

Get many Purple XP and selling

Considering spending tons of stamina on certain stage can get a lot of XP…
Powercrafting almost always giving Colossal and Ultra XP.

Ehm @TheGrillFather could the team consider either being able to sell Ultra XP drinks… and Colossal ones above a certain threshold…

Or… Giving an exclusive crate using Ultra and Colossal drinks to get something else?

Or Skill point consumables or Friend Stamina packs or Mission Speedups…


One idea I got @TheGrillFather. If the team doesn’t think of mercenary costs as a priority… would it at least be possible to change the surge district gold yield to the same formula as mercenary costs (aka 1/2 of the team power)?

One more thing I would include… not having 410,E3 as max (10 levels above cap and highest coded rank possible for that level)… but…

10 levels below the cap and 2 ranks below the cap.
The current max would move from 130M per clear to 910M per clear.
That way the mercenary costs would not have to be revised… ever.
And after the stamina changes gold is the biggest bottleneck now.

Disney Heroes Battle Mode is my life

Great suggestion, one I’ve pitched myself in the past in fact! Unfortunately, not something we can implement quickly (as you’ve probably noticed with the stamina cost crate that failed miserably).

I’ll discuss with the team about possibly selling those XP Drinks, but I can’t confirm we can do that for certain.

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In regards to Gold, I came to think of this one which to us players seemed at the time to be the next Gold Credit which at the time we players named Emerald Credits:

I am not necessarily expecting this one to come quickly or anything, but if anything open up discussion and consideration on if a new tier of Gold Credits should be implemented in the game in order to ease the Gold shortage some :-).


You mean that 3M stamina to buy 1 one?
No one could buy that. Hard Cap was too low.

I know for a fact there is a set value to sell them inside the game, it’s just not possible to do…


If you or anyone in the team are keen on it, I could prepare some spreadsheet of what would be a formidable future change to Team Trials (drops we know need higher values, but some bits are now nearly useless)

Cause considering it all… I still keep the “Badge Map” active, updated to have all bits and badges including tomorrow’s cap raise…

I could easily update it with Team Trials colors up to now… but I just neglected on that since the Trials have not much value in them by now.

I could easily write values of stored bits before and after cap raise - which would truly show the necessity of some bits and overabundance of others.

I guess this will be without response so… if I have the pastime to do it, will do it for myself.

Nobody was even able to buy it back then.

Release it again now/soon.
We wasn’t even able to hold 3M stamina back then.
But 10x cost before 27M, something what we can’t get still. We can hold up to around 19M now.

Yes, because of a functionality issue it failed! The failure was oversight that it didn’t function properly to burn stamina consumables; in the same vein, we don’t currently have the functionality to use XP drinks as a cost. I hope that clarifies what I meant!

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Well, then I hope that stamina crate will return soon as players can buy it now.

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