(Guess it's not "Beginner's Luck) (Unlikely Concept)


Adelaide packs the the punch in a small package and ready to karate chop at enemies with help of Froggy 2



Trial Team:Red

“Ugh, fine. I’ll duel with you. But don’t cry to me when you have to leave the class after I win.”

Basic Animations

Entrance:Leap frogs into battle with Froggy 2 who then jumps on her hed

Basic Attack:Froggy slaps enemies with his tounge

Victory:They cheer

Defeat:Adelaide and Froggy 2 pouts agitatilly

White Skill: Leaping Fury,Fantastic Damage

Adelaide leaps into the enemy lineup and bounces off enemies dealing x damage and stuns them for 6 seconds

There has to be 2 or more enemies in order for Adelaide to bounce

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Green Skill: Lick-a-Tougne,Normal Damage

Froggy 2 slaps the closest enemies with his tongue dealing x damage slowing them by 50% for 6 seconds and reduces their Armor by x

Blue Skill: Leap Froggy,Normal Damage

Adelaide and Froggy 2 play Leap Frog through the enemy line up distracting enemies for 8 seconds and enemies hit take x damage

Distracted enemies deal 20% less damage to Adelaide

The Distract and Damage Reduction has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Purple Skill: Sass Bucket

If enemies deal more than 10 % of Adelaide max hp in a single hit she reduces it by half of the damage and silences them for 4 seconds

The Silence has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Red Skill: Beginner Luck

Adelaide has a chance to stun the first enemy she hits for 6 seconds if she hits them 3 times

When Adelaide does her basic attack 7 times she becomes Energized

Energized Allies gain 95 energy per basic attack

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

+X Basic Damage

+X Reality

+X Damage to

Friend Disk Campaigns

Disk #1 Treasure Hunt

School Schooner

Partner: Hector Barbossa

Allies: Jim Hawkins,John Silver,Peter Pan

Level Up:

x Max HP

x Skill-Power

Stars: Starting Energy at the beginning of the wave for enemies is reduced by 50%

Disk #2 The City Show

Star Studded

Partner: Kermit

Allies: Miss Piggy,Queen of Hearts, Clawhausser

Level Up:

X damage to Leaping Fury

X Armor when an enemy is stunned

Stars At the beginning of the wave Adelaide places 5 stacks of Weakness on the closest enemy to her for 10 seconds

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A casagrandes concept, :heart_eyes:

Thanks its just a considense
Couldn’t resist to make it


Funny gif haha it made ma laygh all day

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