(Guess it's not "Beginner's Luck) (Unlikely Concept)


Adelaide packs the the punch in a small package and ready to karate chop at enemies with help of Froggy 2



Trial Team:Red

“Ugh, fine. I’ll duel with you. But don’t cry to me when you have to leave the class after I win.”

Basic Animations

Entrance:Leap frogs into battle with Froggy 2 who then jumps on her hed

Basic Attack:Froggy slaps enemies with his tounge

Victory:They cheer

Defeat:Adelaide and Froggy 2 pouts agitatilly

White Skill: Leaping Fury,Fantastic Damage

Adelaide leaps into the enemy lineup and bounces off enemies dealing x damage and stuns them for 6 seconds

There has to be 2 or more enemies in order for Adelaide to bounce

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Green Skill: Lick-a-Tougne,Normal Damage

Froggy 2 slaps the closest enemies with his tongue dealing x damage slowing them by 50% for 6 seconds and reduces their Armor by x

Blue Skill: Leap Froggy,Normal Damage

Adelaide and Froggy 2 play Leap Frog through the enemy line up distracting enemies for 8 seconds and enemies hit take x damage

Distracted enemies deal 20% less damage to Adelaide

The Distract and Damage Reduction has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Purple Skill: Sass Bucket

If enemies deal more than 10 % of Adelaide max hp in a single hit she reduces it by half of the damage and silences them for 4 seconds

The Silence has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

Red Skill: Beginner Luck

Adelaide has a chance to stun the first enemy she hits for 6 seconds if she hits them 3 times

When Adelaide does her basic attack 7 times she becomes Energized

Energized Allies gain 95 energy per basic attack

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

+X Basic Damage

+X Reality

+X Damage to

Friend Disk Campaigns

Disk #1 Treasure Hunt

School Schooner

Partner: Hector Barbossa

Allies: Jim Hawkins,John Silver,Peter Pan

Level Up:

x Max HP

x Skill-Power

Stars: Starting Energy at the beginning of the wave for enemies is reduced by 50%

Disk #2 The City Show

Star Studded

Partner: Kermit

Allies: Miss Piggy,Queen of Hearts, Clawhausser

Level Up:

X damage to Leaping Fury

X Armor when an enemy is stunned

Stars At the beginning of the wave Adelaide places 5 stacks of Weakness on the closest enemy to her for 10 seconds

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A casagrandes concept, :heart_eyes:

Thanks its just a considense
Couldn’t resist to make it


Funny gif haha it made ma laygh all day

We can’t add non for example the loud house Disney tho we can add National Geographic Star Wars and marvel cuz Disney own them know

Hello, did you read the headlines of Creative Corner: Hero Concepts

No I did not

Look here, @tissue

So, that means you can’t just go acusing people doing non-Disney concepts

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