Guess the Mickey Mouse Voice

Today we will play the guess the Mickey Mouse voice game. Let’s get started.

  1. Who is the current voice of Mickey Mouse?

  2. Who is the original voice of Minnie Mouse?

  3. Who did Wayne Allwine did the voice of from 1977 to 2009?

  4. Put these Mickey Mouse voices in the right order from previous to current.
    . Wayne Allwine
    . Jimmy MacDonald
    . Bret Iwan
    . Walt Disney
    . Chris Diamantopoulos

  1. Brett Iwan (Chris Diamantopoulos if it’s the new Mickey Mouse shorts)

  2. Katliyn Robrock

  3. Mickey Mouse

  • Walt Disney
  • Jimmy Mcdonald
  • Wayne Allwine
  • Brett Iwan/Chris Diamantopoulos
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