Guild 30 day cool down

Please do something better with the 30 day cool down rule. It is just awful. There should be a way for a leader to add someone back to their guild if they get kicked by an officer or champ


Well the whole point to the 30 day rule was to keep people from using guilds like revolving doors as many people in the community had an issue with that. I believe it is something that is needed when people join to leech from contests then leave and join the next guild. It also makes it to where leader, officers, and champions can make a more impactful decision.

Agreed. A ban button would be better (available only to the guild leader of course)


I understand the logic behind it but what isn’t right is that an officer or champion can kick someone and the leader can’t do anything to allow the person back in the guild. Obviously me as a leader I made the mistake of promoting the wrong person. That person maliciously kicked someone. Now I can’t do anything. I learned my lesson and removed the person that did the kicking but still here I am leader of my guild and can’t add the person who was wrongfully kicked.

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Maybe if the leader kicks then the person kicked has to wait 30 days. If a champion kicked them then they have to wait 7 days. If an officer kicked then then they don’t have to wait?

I still think if someone is kicked there should be a way for the leader to over ride that. We have a guild contest starting tomorrow and I can’t do anything to add a member back to my guild. Im leader and I feel completely powerless😢


Not saying how to run your guild but i would keep an eye on chats as a whole as well as connecting with other guild leaders to keep up to date on possible candidates that was to join the guild so you can make more cautious decisions when recruiting.

Report it to support. Under the announcements, @Polaris said that players who use the game mechanic in that way, intentionally sabotaging a guild or robbing a player’s quality of play, will be given permanent bans from the game. You could also appeal to support, along with other guildies, to see if they can override the cooldown to let the kicked players rejoined.

While trust is important in regards with promoting officers and champions, it IS the internet. A similar incident happened on Server 2 where two players were kicked from a top guild by a rogue officer before the officer himself moved to a rival guild. The player had been in the guild for 8 months, with no actions/statements made that he couldn’t be trusted. You just never truly knew.

The cooldown IS a good idea to help open guilds, but there needs to be more options for the guild to customize it for themselves, or something to override it.


Thank you. I did put in a ticket to support and they said they would get back to me. I agree it would be a great option to be able to customize the cool down somehow

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@Polaris can you please reply to this. Can anything be done to over ride the 30 day cool down. I have put a ticket into support and so has the person that was kicked. Having to wait 30 days to rejoin doesn’t seem fair when they should have never been kicked in the first place. I am the leader and would like the person in my guild

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Yesterday,I kicked one of my member accidently😢
I’m so depressed because there is no way to reback my precious friend without just waiting 30 days.
What a loooooong time.

I know it’s my fault,but I think this rule is awful.
I just want my friend back…

So how about this option?

If the guild received an apllication by someone,the leader coujd see the latest date of the man belonged and how long it was.
(then,THE LEADER should decide to let him join or not. Not be decided by the 30 rule.)

If you kicked them by mistake you could always contact support and see if they can remove the 30 day cool down from that person so they can rejoin. The rule definitely needs so work. The guild leader should be able to customize or over ride the cool down

thank you for your commemt!

I have already asked as you said…
But they said it’s just a rule.
And the support center also suggested to write a commemt here,cuz development team might argue about this problem.

I understand the importance of this rule…

If someone is kicked by mistake, the guild leader can send in a support ticket and ask the cool down be removed for the person. We are making adjustments to the cooldown in a future update, but for now, hopefully, this will help.


Thank you very much for your response. I am very pleased to know there are adjustments being worked on for the rule :blush:


I would love to see the cooldown period be temporary application requirement rather than a temporary ban.

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