Guild change end war season

Hi everyone, I want to change guild at the end of the month (roughly) and I wanted to know: if I do that before my current guild’s end season war crates are unlocked, will I still get them or miss them? Or will I get the end season crates of the next guild i’m joining? Thank you for your answers!

As far as I know, if you join a Guild that already claimed their War Crates/Boxes (Gold, Platinum, etc.), you won’t get the previous Boxes, but you are still eligible to collect Boxes they still haven’t won.

PerBlue made this so that a person can’t “farm” War Boxes that easily.

Yes I know that for regular victory crates, like every two days. But i’ afraid i’ll lose my 5 legendaries at the end of the month…
thank you btw!

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Right, I believe you also miss those 5 Legendary Boxes if you Guild Hop, so…

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You won’t get the end of season rewards as you will not be considered to have earned them with your new guild.

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