Guild Owlhouse on Server 21 is searching for you!

Hello dear player!

I am Nathe, the Leader of the pretty new guild “Owlhouse”!
Currently we are only two german lvl 108 players, so in need for some nice and friendly members.
We are very open, so your level doesn’t really matter. The only requirement is that you will be more ore less active, so all players can get the most out of the guild. C:

Thank you for reading and I hope to welcome you soon!

My name is Irrer Minnie and I’m from the successful guild Krümelmonster AG. I’m the Officer for the Forums there. Maybe you want to join Krümelmonster AG… If yes then send me a message or Friend Request. We’ve got a Guild for players that wanna join later too: The Greatest One. I’m sure both of you can join The Greatest One.
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:

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