Guild questions to help better the guild

i have a few base questions to ask about what a good guild needs, heres bio about my guild we are guild lvl 4 with very hard surge with a decent amount of perks

heres my questions

  1. whats the best perks for a high lvl guild?
  2. whats the min amount of districts one should make a player hit in surge as manditory?
  3. should we make players donate to other members?
  4. should we make a guild discord to communicate to others?
  5. whats the min amount of days to kick a player
    6.should we punish players who attack too many districts, if so how should we fix that?

if you have other ways to help please let me know.

p.s no answers saying move to a better guild im sticking with my guild because the leader is one of my freinds, and it’s a good guild with great members.

  1. It depends on what you already have. But i recommend city watch perks.
  2. It depends on the players power, but i would go with at last 5. (Or use all your heroes)
  3. Why you shouldn’t? Donate is a “great” thing to help mates with!
  4. If you can see it possible to get your members to join.
  5. 1-2 days
  6. Tell them. I use myself a “warning system” each time they don’t practice = 1 warning. 3 warnings = kick

This is my answers, im sure you will get more answers here later to select about. Good Luck! :grin:

Is this thing unhealthy? If some of the guildmates (maybe 3-5) isn’t doing surge, then someone may fill in their job and turns out to be understandable.

i do donate but i was wondering should i make it manditory since not everyone donates.

we do attack surge if they don’t do it, but i want some lower players to have a little chance.

Really what about if they don’t have surge

how would they not? i understand not having war since thats lvl 60 i think, but you join a guild at lvl 15 i would suspect they’d have surge, even some foes on surge have green rarity.

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