Guild questions


How can I start my own guild? And if I stay where I am, how long till I become an officer?


I can’t really answer the first question since my guild has been around for eternity, but as for the second, it’s whenever the leader of your current guild feels like promoting you.


Not only leader. A chanpion or pretty much anyone above you could do that.

You can create your own guild by leaving your guild and clicking on create guild. Type out a name set the lvl cap etc. Then click create guild. it might cost diamonds. I am not sure.


Becoming officer in ur guild is up to ur leader and when he or she wants to put u up to that rank every leader runs their guild different so that’s a question for whoever ur leader is in whatever guild ur in. As for making ur own guild there’s an option to make ur own if ur not in one when u click guild on the map


Yea well it doesn’t HAVE to be the leader but I know in my guild me my officers and champs all are on the same page and talk stuff over before doing anything