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If you are going against a guild that vastly outranks you in power and you will lose, does the amount you lose by affect your MMR? For example, if we lose by 500 vs by 1000 are there MMR implications or is the amount for a loss just a fixed amount?


Idk the answer to your question though…sorry…

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. . . . Same here

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On average the win and loss of MMR seems relatively fixed from my experience regardless of power discrepency and how close the war is. My guild tends to get somewhere in the realm of 35-45 MMR on a win and losses somewhere between 20-30 on a War defeat. I haven’t done exact calculations but this seems to be the trend that my guild has found.

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We lost over 150 mmr losing once

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I do think the mmr is a lil messed up but it may just be the different guilds not the system

The amount of change in the MMR is determined by the difference in MMR between the 2 guilds at the start and who won. If a lower ranked guild wins, they earn more MMR points than if a higher ranked guild wins.

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My first match went fine. Second match however our mmr was close like 100 point difference.

The big difference? Oh yeah the fact that every single one of his/her heroes was max rank, Max stars max level, each of his teams power was well over 100k my highest team is around 48k

Seems a bit lopsided

Yes, there are still issues with the war matchmaking system.

You are new to the forums so I just want to let you know that when you see that no one has posted in a thread for a week or more, that normally means that the conversation is finished and doesn’t need to be renewed. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as the problem resurfacing; but, generally speaking, this is an unspoken rule of the forums.

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MMR calculators are available online. Plug in your guild MMR score and that of the Guild you are battling and it will tell you the outcome (scores for both teams) for both win and loose.

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Give me a link please.

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