Guilds, S1-22 (In progress)

Server 1!
1. Castle!

Name: Caslte
Formally: Castle
Rank: 1st
Guild leader: Dopey
TL: 180
Motto: "Insane surge schedule: 7AM - 3AM EST check-in, surge, and cooperation in war required.

Most powerful player: Agent Eko

2. Going turbo!

Name: Going turbo
Formally: 1242
Rank: 2nd
Guild leader: Dontch
TL: 180

Most powerful player: SoüllesÀváge b

3. Plush rush!

Name: Plush rush!
Formally: Plush rush
Rank: 3rd
Guild leader: Queen plushy!
TL: 175
Motto: Be active. Check in & communicate. War is a requirement!! Have fun!!!

Most powerful player: Plush meow!

4. Sleepy hollow!

Name: Sleepy Hollow
Formerly: Sleepy
Rank: 4th
Guild leader: Black Sails
TL: 175
Motto: The most okay guild on the server! Total power over 6 million please!

Most powerful player: Meh Its Just Eve
Forum members: Musketeer!

Phantom Menace

Name: Phantom Menace
Rank: 5th
Guild leader: Phantomenchantra
TL: 175
Motto: Blood Makes You Related… Loyalty Makes You Family! Come Be Family!

Most powerful player: Coraline

6. Toon Platoon

Name: Toon Platoon
Rank: 6th
Guild leader: Buffygrrl
TL: 165
Motto: Have fun and play lots! #M+ power > Discord: Buffygrrl#**** or PM for info

Most powerful player: Kenny

7. Royals misfits

Name: Royal Misfits
Formerly: Kings of Disney
Rank: 7th
Guild leader: RainDeer
TL: 175

Most powerful player: ShriekingShrek41

8. Team wreck it

Name: Team Wreck It
Rank: 8th
Guild leader: Triforce
TL: 155
Motto: We will, we will, WRECK YOU!

Most powerful player: Amber

9. Mis Maravillas

Name: Mis Maravillas
Rank: 9th
Formerly: Mis Vengadores
Guild leader: MM Waldo
TL: 180
Motto: Clan eager to grow, progress and live experiences together, we have thousands of animate advantages !!! (07/24/18 /// 07/24/19)

Most powerful player: Ralph

10. First Evolution

Name: First Evolution
Rank: 10th
Guild leader: Hashirama
TL: 140
Motto: Welcome to FE. Chilled atmosphere playing for fun. Can still apply even when full - message champion or officials =)

Most powerful player: Farmer Tim

11. Moist cupcakes

Name moist cupcakes
Rank: 11th
Guild leader: SweetserMom
TL: 15
Motto: (it changes all the time)

Most powerful player: Jerbo
Forum members: Filadae_Djaq, Warrior_Maui

12. The departed

Name: The Departed
Formerly: Departed Shadows
Rank: 12th
Guild leader: DeaththePuppy
TL: 160
Motto: Remember, you are unique… just like everyone else.

Most powerful player: Stone43

13. ItBurnsWhenIPVP

Name: ItBurnsWhenIPVP
Rank: 13th
Guild leader: MarcoWB
TL: 140
Motto: Time to put on the cream again to stop the burn… Looking for 800k+ tp

Most powerful player: Jetwood

14. Centuries

Name: Centurions
Formerly: Nova Centurions
Rank: 14th
Guild leader: Officer Unicorn
TL: 130
Motto: Active, fast growing, guild… Surge and Guild War are required.

Most powerful player: Officer Unicorn

15. Disney MX

Name: Disney MX
Formerly: Ronin
Rank: 15th
Guild leader: Mx Kumoaion
TL: 160
Motto: Welcome!!!

Most powerful player: Cuir Mx

16. The foot clan

Name: The Foot Clan
Rank: 16th
Guild leader: Lauries idiot
TL: 120
Motto; Trust your instincts… unless then are wrong

Most powerful player: Lady Aladdin

17. The outcasts

Name: The Outcasts
Formerly: Great Mouse Dets
Rank: 17th
Guild leader: Allbae
TL: 130
Motto: Be active. Be respectful. Have fun.

Most powerful player: Sheriff Stitch

18. LeagueofVillans

Name: LeagueofVillains
Formerly: King of Kings
Rank: 18th
Guild leader: Hero Killer
TL: 120
Motto: Villains unite! Stay safe Disney! 2020

Most powerful player: The Hiro

19. Dynamos Reborn

Name: Dynamos Reborn
Formerly: Rescue Rangers
Rank: 19th
Guild leader: MagnytizM
TL: 150
Motto: 100% organic. Always fresh, never frozen.

Most powerful player: Inspector Anna

20. Lendários BR

Name: Lendários BR
Formerly: L3ND4RYUZ BR
Rank: 20th
Guild leader: Mina do Mal
TL: 120
Motto: Contracting growth and evolution !!! Be welcome ")

Most powerful player: Swish

21. Diamonds n rust

Name: Diamonds n Rust
Rank: 21st
Guild leader: SparkleBunny
TL: 110
Motto: looking for daily active players looking to have fun. Daily check-ins and surge participations appreciated.

Most powerful player: Sedarie II

22. The zoo crew

Name: The Zoo Crew
Rank: 22nd
Guild leader: SlyFan
TL: 165
Motto: If you want a guild thats up to date and always upgrading the perks, then this is the one for you.

Most powerful player: Dread Pirate Owl

23. Insert name here

Name: Insert Name Here
Rank: 23rd
Guild leader: Judge Bloodrage
TL: 95
Motto: Dragonsoul veterans

Most powerful player: Ddetroit

24. Perks n mercs

Name: Perks n Mercs
Formerly: Jedi Council
Rank: 24th
Guild leader: Doc Dumbo
TL: 100
Motto: Have fun & stay safe people!!!

Most powerful player: FireCrusherJ

This project is in progress and not even 1% done. It will be updated frequently. Adding the servers, and guilds.

Please wait while I make it.


are you like putting every single guild or every guild that is on the forums

100 per server.

ok if you need help i can do server 19

Thank you. Keep checking your DM’s because I might message you how to do it.

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I can help with S21

If you need help I could do Server 21. Just if you want me to… But I have to look at the rankings because of my own guild :wink:

Oh you too :joy:

If @Prince-Aamir wants to do it he can

You guys could he 50-50.

We will see :grin:

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Yeah we could split it.

That would be an idea

If you need help I can help with server 9.

Oh gosh, isn’t that too much? :frowning:


I agree, maybe it would be wise to make the post a wiki, even if it meant moving to the lounge category for a bit. Especially with how easily guilds can change rankings and power. :sweat_smile:


I can do of Server 2! :slight_smile:

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If it’s top 100 per server, wouldn’t the top 100 guilds and the specific mottos for each guild change? How would you keep everything updated?


I want to see more

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