Guy Am I (unlikely hero concept)

Name: Guy Am I
Role: Control
Position: Front
Team: Blue
Stars: 2

Description: Guy just wants to be left alone, and he’ll go through anyone to get that wish.

Quote: “Now let me be!”

Entrance: he reads his newspaper on his chair before getting up.

Win: he pulls out his newspaper and starts reading

Lose: he angrily pulls his hat over his face

Basic attack: he punches the nearest enemy

White attack: The Hunt

A fox, goat, mouse, two horses, and an army of hunting dogs stampede through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy.

Green attack: Not in a Car

Guy hops onto the hood of Sam I Am’s car. Sam hits the frontmost enemy, dealing X damage to said enemy.

Blue attack: You Will See

Guy pulls out a plate of Green Eggs and Ham. He then jabs the enemy with the lowest HP with the fork, dealing X damage.

Purple attack: Would Not, Could Not

“The Hunt” now stuns the entire enemy side for X seconds.

Red Skill: I Do Not Like Them

“You Will See” now knocks the affected enemy back for X seconds.

Friend campaigns:

Guy Am I/Mad Hatter
Guy Am I/Tigger

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