Guy (Free Guy) (unlikely)

Side note before we begin with concept I don’t know how to use gifs or images maybe copy and paste but anyways.

Name: Guy
Description: Guy is going to surpass level 100 in this game.
Quote: Don’t have a good day have a great day.
Stars: 2 stars.
Role: Damage
Position: Back
Trial Team: Blue
Skills: White: Guy punches the enemy in their face. Green: Guy gets a Captain America shield throwing it at an enemy causing fantastic damage. Blue: Guy goes throw his pockets and pulls two glocks shooting the enemies. Purple: Guy throws a medkit at a random ally healing 80% of their health. Red: Guy buys an upgrade increasing a random stay.
Super skill: Guy hops on his motorcycle and shoots enemies with two glocks before getting off the motorcycle which explodes.
Yeah sorry it’s a mess I didn’t know how to sort the skills I read some topics about it but I just did that mess.

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If you have any ideas for other character concepts I will try to do them (if I don’t know who they are I would Google them)

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