Half Duck/Half Plant (Bushroot Character Concept)




Role: Control

Position: Middle

Star: :star2:

Trial Team: Yellow

β€œI’m not really sinister, just misunderstood.”

Bushroot uses his power over plants to turn the battlefield into his own personal garden.

Entrance: Grows onto the battlefield

Victory: flowers give Bushroot a round of applause as he smiles.

Defeat: Whither into a husk

Basic Attack: Whips enemies with vines


White Skill: Fly Trapped (Normal Damage :fist:): Bushroot grows Spike the venus fly trap who bites at enemies causing X damage and saps enemies

The sap works more effectively against enemies with a level of Y or lower

Green Skill: Pins and Needles (Fantastic Damage :stars:): Bushroot fires cactus needles at enemies causing X damage with each needle.

Blue Skill: Biting Bark (Normal Damage :fist:): Bushroot grows a tree which whacks opponents with is a mighty swing of it’s branch, knocking the frontmost enemy back

The knockback is more effective with enemies with a level of Y or lower.

Purple Skill: Easy Come Easy Grow: After Bushroot is defeated, Bushroot is regrown getting Z HP back.

Red Skill: Healing Herbs: Skills now heals allies and increase healing regain by Z



Campaign: Urban Jungle: WALL-E unwittingly helps Bushroot turn the city into a dangerous jungle.

Disk: Concrete Jungle

Memory: Biting Bark stuns enemies for Z second

Disk Power: Z Armor


Campaign: Beauty and the Beet: Rapunzel gets the chance to rehabilitate Bushroot as part of his anger management course.

Disk: Seeing the Light

Memory: Attacks now gives Bushroot back Z health

Disk Power: Z HP

Y= Level
Z= Stat Increase

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I really like how you formatted this great job! 10/10

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Did you ever read the rest?

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