Half-Genie Hero (Shantae Character Concept)


Role: Control

Position: Mid

Trial Team: Blue

Star: :star::star:

“Hoist the main snail. Keel the port blubber. Aye aye captain.”

Shantae is ret-2-go as she uses her genie powers to alter the battlefield in her favor.

Entrance: Teleports in

Victory: Dances

Defeat: Holds her elbow in pain

Basic Attack: Shantae uses her hair as a whip

White Skill: Transformation: Players have a chose between four forms in which Shantae can transform into.

While on auto, Shantae chooses a form based off the most character roles in the battlefield. If no role-based enemies are present, A forms will be choosen at random.

Each one has a debuff that is less effective towards enemies higher than level Y

Elephant (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Shantae turns into an elephant and charges at enemies giving enemy X damage and knocking the front-most enemies back.

On auto, Shantae turns into a elephant when tank-based enemies are the most present.

Harpy (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Shantae turns into an harpy and uses her talons to scratch enemies giving them X damage and saps them

On auto, Shantae turns into a harpy when damage-based enemies are the most present.

Spider: Shantae turns into a spider and shoots webs at the back most enemies and slows down attack speed.

On auto, Shantae turns into a spider when control-based enemies are the most present

Monkey (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Shantae turns into a monkey and jumps on a random enemy dealing X damage and takes a bit a health from enemy and heals herself.

On auto Shantae turns into a monkey when support-based enemies are the most present.

Green Skill: Nin-Genie (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Shantae turns into a ninja and throws several shurikens at enemies dealing X damage with each shuriken hit

Blue Skill: Quake Dance (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Shantae does the quake dance and uses her giant hammer to shake the battlefield dealing X damage to enemies and stunning them.

The stun is less effective towards enemies higher than level Y

Purple Skill: Half-Genie Hero: The effects of Transformation happens to multiple enemies

Red Skill: Ret-2-Go: Nin-Genie increases attack speed for a random ally with each shuriken that hits

The attack speed increase is less effective towards allies that are level Y

Z Movement speed
Z Evasion
X damage to Nin-Genie



Campaign: New Genie On the Block: Jasmine meets Shantae and they both wonder if there are other genies in the city.

Disk: Semi Phenomenal Nearly Cosmic:

Level Power: Z Basic attack, Z Skill Power

Stars Power: Basic attack and Skill attack for Damage-Role enemies are cut in half

The Manticore


Campaign: Tuned Out: With the help of Shantae, Corey sets out to find the genie music box which can grant any wish to those who hear it’s tune

Disk: Wishful Thinking

Level Power: X Max HP to support-based heroes

Star Power: Shantae’s monkey form increases Z% Max HP to her and her allies


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