Hallelujah... red skills are finally easier to max!

And now fully max a new hero like Duff or Milo, and the fun ends.

Hero chips required for red skills should be reduced by +50% and diamond crates needs a solid refresh.

Heroes have appeared relatively recently. Do you want as soon as the hero appears, then immediately to 6 stars, complete friendship, full gear, full mods, etc.?
if these heroes are added to the heroic levels and set the task to increase the red skill, then I will do it as with other heroes.

Elite Campaign, Diamond crates, Gold crates (very rare, meaning it’s a royal pain buying enough crates to get even a few chips), occasionally in Black/regular market (overpriced, though) or Challenge shop (hardest shop to get tokens for now), very occasionally as a Diamond bundle (where, unless they’re a first-year hero, they’re hideously overpriced)… Am I missing anything?

I agree that we’re going in the right direction. The red skill chips being buffed is huge. However, like many have said, we need a consistent way to get more hero chips. Diamond crates used to be great for that when the hero pool was a fifth of the size we have now. Other than raiding elite campaigns, waiting for a hero to go into a shop, or using the (overpriced and underwhelming) wish crate, there’s no way to target a specific hero. Last week, I was searching for Elsa chips and opened well over 1000 diamond crates and got a whopping 40 of them. There are too many heroes to make crates a viable source for chips. Plus with the red skill resource increase every level, trying to max someone out while keeping mods usable is damn near impossible.

do you want to count everything? well, let’s try.

  1. trial. rare competitions, occur approximately once every six months. We will consider it as one under a different name.
  2. 8 shops.
  3. guild war. chests for victory
  4. and 5) coliseum and arena once a week.
  5. five different chests. the fifth option changes periodically, let it be considered as one.
  6. prize wall
  7. heroic stages
  8. and 10) tournaments for progress and for rating.
  9. gifts for some dates.
  10. 2 black markets.

Only prize wall gives good amount of hero chips, and even then not close to fully max hero.
Literally, everything else is too random, too short, too infrequent to be enough.

Considering EVERYTHING, almost 4k hero chips are needed, 3k hero chips alone for red skills!
Getting these for any new hero, especially not in elite, is tiring. Non-elite heroes no matter old or new are still pretty hard to max their red skills tho, way easier than before, but they don’t have best source of skill chips (now).

Most of those sources are limited to a small, infrequently-rotated selection of heroes. I’m not going to get, e.g., Colette chips from any contests, trials, exclusive chests, etc. The guild war chests do offer a wider selection of heroes (although they seem to favor newer heroes, which may or may not be helpful), but that’s a total of 16 available slots per month; not exactly helpful when trying to get a couple thousand chips for a hero’s red skill.

Once again, you want everything at once. but it will only ruin the game even more. there will be a recap of chips and red skills. as is often the case, the developers will easily introduce a new stat for their spending, which will increase the difference between the players. will be dissatisfied again. I specially showed Zeus and Kermit with a full skill. How much did I spend on them? no. it’s all free from the game. in the game we use about 20 heroes in all modes and it is not difficult to upgrade the red skills of these heroes. in my guild, a player spends a lot of money on the game - he has more than 75% of the characters pumped to yellow + 16 and he can’t stop, he’s still not enough.
yes, there is a problem when there are simply no hero tokens - as was the case with the mad hatter. but that’s a different problem. but even so, my hatter’s red skill level is now lvl 296.

I couldn’t care less how others max their red skill overnight :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: I only care how I can do it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Keeping things expensive doesn’t stop whales or spenders from doing that. It only hurts free players :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Kermit and Zeus are relatively new. Kermit was in shop and Zeus got a lot of hero chips offered as rewards so it is not that hard maxing their red skills

Imagine doing the same thing with a brand new hero. 3000+ hero chips seems reasonable??? Really???

Further more, you need to look at the big picture and consider the future. How ugly it will get in 1 more year from now? 6000 hero chips??? Won’t it be too late to fix things then???

We need to address problems before it comes to that state. That’s what planning is for

nobody is saying it’s impossible to max a red skill, though. I also don’t spend money on the game and I’ve got 7 heroes with maxed red skills.

I play every day and optimise my play as much as possible. Is that an acceptable amount, out of nearly 200?

The inventory screenshot, again, shows that 3 years worth of random chip accumulation from diamond crates and other sources has not provided enough chips to max the red skills of those heroes.

What’s different about it?

And you still need over 450 hero chips in order to get his red skill to 315, and by the time you do that, the max will be at least 320 and you’ll need another 120 or 124 chips for those five levels.

this is a passive accumulation with the expenditure of hero signs on mods. if I wanted to upgrade red skills with any of my heroes, I would have done it a long time ago.

Max Milo’s red skill then, oh wait, you can’t for next few months.

For 1* hero you can just spam buy Gold Crates. And the tablet would turn around :man_shrugging:

With a drop rate for hero chips of 9%, one would have tap “Buy 100” 19-20 times to get one chip for any specific hero. “Spam” hardly begins to describe it.

If you are mad enough you can do 1000 buy 100s in about 8 minutes.

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