Happy 65th anniversary

Today is the most celebrated in all of the happiest place on earth, the anniversary of disneyland. But this year is a little different so I figured that we shouldn’t celebrate in person, we should celebrate on the internet. But if you want to enter the party you must follow the rules

  1. No spamming
  2. No swearing
  3. Follow forum guidelines
  4. Only Disney

Things we can talk about
  1. Disneyland, Disney world, all Disney parks
  2. Favorite Disney ride
  3. Favorite Disney moments
  4. Favorite souvenir
  5. Favorite closed rides

Now a word from Walt

Happy 65th anniversary disneyland


Happy 65th anniversary Disneyland :partying_face: :birthday:


Today is a great day! Happy 65th Disneyland! You do not look a day over 1. It is too bad we cannot celebrate in the parks or in person, but we know that the Disney magic remains everywhere and in our hearts. :partying_face:


My favorite Disney ride is the haunted mansion (could probably tell from my name), Disney moment, all of them lol, souvinr, some weird haunted mansion hatbox ghost jar, closed ride would be (well closing ride) splash mountain. Happy 65th anniversary disneyland


Never been to Disney world… :grimacing:

But I want to go. Happy birthday disney world! XD


It’s Disneyland. But either way it is exciting!


Happy birthday :birthday::tada::balloon::gift:


I’ve never been to Disney land or World.

Missing out I guess.

I’ve been to Disneyland a few times and every time has been so fun!

Meeting Pooh and taking pictures with him in my Pooh outfit, buying many Stitch and Pooh souvenirs, eating the delicious foods there!

Hope to go again soon!


I love roger rabbit’s cartoon spin. I love the fact you are in a zany spinning car with murderous weasels trying to kill you and this is Disney. I also love all of the fantasyland dark rides, there is just a sense of nostalgia surrounding them, especially Snow White and mr. toad

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I’ve only been on Snow White in Florida but the most I remember was from when I was young and when the queen turned around and was the witch my mind was blown (and I was only like 3 or 4)

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Happy birthday Disneyland! I went to the one in Florida for 7 days (6 days excluding other activities outside of Disneyland). It was an awesome experience. I will definitely try to go there soon

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I’ve only visit Disney world but would like to go to All the Disney lands including Cali.

Happy birthday!!! I know walt is somewhere looking over all the work that has happend just from something that he imagined

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I’ve been to Disneyland once and Disney World multiple times. I’ve also been to Disneyland Hong Kong. I am so lucky to have been to those parks. I have so many favorite rides and experiences. I hope to visit every park around the world at least once. Eventually I hope to be one of the people designing the parks. They are the Imagineers, hence my name.

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Yeah imagineers. There’s a Disney+ series about them. Tnx to Walt and his team imagination we have Disney today.

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Yep! I have watched that show a few times. I need more episodes. I even have a letter/email from famous Imagineer Marty Sklar who was Walt’s right hand man. I received it a few days before he died. It is very emotional for me to read every time.


I love that show (favorite part was when they were in the haunted mansion

The rides at Disney World were speedy, thrilling and a little bit spooky (scary).
Maybe we could have stayed for the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party but no. I left on the 14th. It was still good memories… :sob:

Happy (Late) 65th anniversary Disney Land! I never went there but i just want to say happy anniversary.

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Sorry for the revive but I just really need Disney to give me. Toad a Digital update because it feels really outdated

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