Happy Anniversary!

In 31 minutes, it will have been 5 years since my “auto download pre registered game” downloaded, and I started my journey. Half a decade. One twentieth century. 5 years of battle. Over 200 characters.

  • Battle on, Wave9Nut

I’ve been playing for a while now. Not sure when I joined. But I’ve been here for a while now. Don’t know what else to say other than I want Dr. Doofenshmirtz.


We all need Dr doofenshmirtz into the game


I’ve downloaded and played this game since its debut in 2018.


I’ve entered the game in August-September 2021.


I’ve been playing this game since April 13, 2021. At that time, Carl was not added yet.

On that day, when I was updating for another game, then *scroll* *scroll*, Google Play recommended me the game “Disney Heroes: Battle Mode” and I downloaded it, and it’s so amazing :sparkles:


another month to go till my anniversary - started playing on 24th June, 2018 :laughing::older_man:

only switched over once DS was shut down


Sure we may not have gotten a new loading screen but it looks like its clearer than before and the trivia and new the new trials has started now the only thing missing is Tiana

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I started to play this game at the end of May of 2018

I started playing in July 2021, after the release of Shego and before the release of Go Go Tomago. I did so well in the game. After almost two years, I’m at team level 300! Thanks everyone for the support!

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I started playing June 2018 and instantly loved it,but couldn’t play for long(meaning I didn’t have enough storage)

Returning back means a lot and it means I can collect these characters and upgrade them to make them stronger

Started playing since December 2018, like the new ideas of the team and heroes released!

I saw Tiana in the game

Man todays trivia question is tricky

I acutally solved it thx to a player

Same here someone posted the answer and it was a tricky question

I couldn’t find the truck so I had to wait for someone to say the answer

Already have the answer, see here

Already had it but thanks

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