Happy ducky and bunny day!

This thread is similar to the stitch and olaf threads so please don’t make this copyright but lets celebrate ducky and bunnys birthday!giphy-10


How is it their birthday?


Because their the best toy story characters eveer added and this is their birthday since they where released in june

I feel like you just did this for no reason and it’s basically August not June


No its not plus did you see what i said they were released in the 4th toy story movie in june

Just leave this thread alone

Its still not August in us though

Dude, let it go.


We celebrated still,

Man stop using harsh words

Why would you do this?
1:there not the best ones from toy story.
2:theres no point of doing this on a day where ITS NOT EVEN THERE BIRTHDAY
3:celabrate it next year cause then its an actually celabration.

Awkward plus why dou tell me to celebrate him next year who cares if its their birthday gosh

Oh, let me think . . .

Why are you even reviving a dead topic in the first place?

And you’re still going on, please stop.

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