Having trouble deleting an account

So, there’s a server 2 account I no longer use. I asked the support team if maybe they can remove it for me, they say to just type confirm to remove it. Ok, I do that! However. Here’s an issue. I come back, the names changed but the accounts not gone. I keep asking and asking, nothing but name changes. I’m getting angry and lose it on them, simply saying I just want the account gone. It’s now called enchanted hook, and at risk. Let’s not forget, they randomly added a new server 2 account and call it commander dory. I didn’t ask for this and it’s really starting to anger me. So, is there a way to talk to the dev team and ask them personally to remove my server 2 accounts?

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Just disconnect the account from Facebook/Google Play/Game Center

That’s what I tried. Does it take a few days once they’re disconnected, much like when you request for the account to be deleted?

Thanks for the pointer btw, I thankfully got the commander dory one to be deleted. Thank god…as for the enchanted hook account, it’s still there even though I disconnected, so I’m not sure if it takes a few days or what but, imma try to have patience cause at least the random new one got deleted

No. You have to disconnect the account and move to a different server

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Yep, that’s how I misplaced my accounts the other day :sweat_smile: unlink it, then switch to another account. Make sure you screenshot the account ID first in case you have a change of heart - the account doesn’t get deleted, just floats around in outer space.

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Yep, it worked :slight_smile: